Appreciate The Little Moments Because They Won't Last Forever

Jordan Mendiola
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Time is way too damn short. We only get to be on this Earth for a short amount of time and have no say in when it’s time to go.

It can be so terrifying to know that any day could be your last. That’s why I try my best to live every day to the fullest, every minute, and every second. 

The “good old days” are times when you don’t realize it. For me, it’s living with my family, growing up, playing sports, and spending time with my dogs.

Now that I’m four years out of high school, I’m having reflections about what it was like back then and regretting how I didn’t appreciate the moments enough. 

If you’re reading this, I’m going to share a few ways to appreciate the moments and recognize when you’re in the “good old days”.

How to appreciate the moments more.

It’s not easy to be appreciative. We’re often so caught up in the quickness of day to day life. Every interaction, every plan, everything we have to do comes at us like a wrecking ball.

We hardly have time to catch our breaths and look at what situation we’re in. I’ve always been someone who lives life at 120 miles per hour and I’ve learned that I need to slow the hell down. 

When you go through life way too fast, you miss things. You overlook the small details. And you miss the special moments.

Acknowledge the people who love you and the people you love the most. They won’t be here forever, so you might as well make the most of the time you have together while you have it.

When you fail, look at it as a lesson to become stronger over time. When you succeed, pat yourself on the back and get back to work. Appreciate both failure and success, then carry. on with your day. 

How to recognize you’re in the “good old days”

You are in the good old days when you least expect it. Everythting seems to be flowing and your biggest worries have nothing to do with money or success. 

To me, the good old days are when I was an innocent little kid who had nothing more to do than get good grades and perform well in sports. Those were the simpler times. 

Now it’s about being successful, being a solid investor, marketing a product to thousands of oof people successfully, and having far more responsibilities. 

I love having more responsibilities, but I also reminisce back on the memories when life was simpler. Maturing and carrying more responsibilities is far better than being a kid, but those were one version of the good old days for sure. 

Final Thought

Time doesn’t stop for anyone. When you are succeeding and life is going amazing, it doesn’t stop. When you’re hitting rock bottom and feel like giving up, it doesn’t stop.

You must be accountable and responsible for the outcome of your everyday life. You get to choose who’s in it. You get to choose the job you work for. 

You get to choose the way it makes you feel. 

We’re in far more control than we think we are. 

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