Appreciate Every Day Because You Don't Know When it Could be Your Last

Jordan Mendiola
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Lives get cut short every single day. It’s terrifying, but we have to stay strong and focus on our own lives as if it’s our last.

People die from cancer, car accidents, Covid-19, mass shootings, and unfortunate tragedies no one could see coming. It seems like almost every day, I hear about a tragedy from someone that I know or someone on the news.

Things can get very grim once you start losing people or recognize the magnitude of people, friends, family, and even pets depart this Earth.

I know that I’ve lived every single day as though it was my last and it’s time for me to try and brush off this positive energy onto you.

Appreciating every day and every moment will set you free.

No one wants to live or die with any regret. I’ve seen some of the oldest people look me into the eyes with pain, regret, and resentment. The simplest, most humane moments such as eye contact can tell you a lot about someone.

When everything seems okay, but it really isn’t.

I used to be at a point in my life where I felt like everything was unfair. In my junior year of high school, I tore my LCL and seemed to lose everything. I was unable to walk, run, play sports, people felt sorry for me, and I felt so helpless. This was all on top of applying to college and not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.

I called the suicide hotline and chatted with someone and it saved my life.

To have felt so low that I didn't want to be here is crazy to me now. So many blessings have fallen out of the sky. Meeting my soulmate, celebrating my family’s accomplishments, spending time with good people, and experiencing all types of events.

It’s crazy that it took such a traumatic experience to turn my life around, but I’m glad it happened.

Appreciate the ones you love because they can be gone in an instant.

In the past year, I’ve lost my grandfather and both of my childhood animals.

My grandpa was one of my biggest role models. He was always so positive, supportive, hard on me, and always had the best interests for me.

I appreciated the moments with both of grandpa and both of my animals as if any day could be their last. Due to these events, I make sure to express my love and appreciation more and more every day.

With Covid going on, many people have lost far more friends and family members that I have. My hope is that the survivors appreciated them while they were here.

With mass shootings coming back into play, I know that innocent people are losing their lives every day, and it seems like these tragedies don’t quit.

It may seem hard to have hope. It may seem hard to live without fear. But we have to keep pushing on and appreciate our time on Earth now, not later.

Final Thought

Life is way too short. We’ve heard it a million times. But it’s true.

Losing loved ones, both of my childhood dogs, and close friends have taken a toll on me. But I’m going to live on and do great things because of them — in honor of them.

If you want the best for yourself, appreciate every moment. Don’t throw away this one life you live sitting on the sidelines. Take risks, share special moments with the ones you love, and don’t take anything for granted.

We only get one shot. Let’s make it count.

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