Stephen King's Daily Minimum of 1,000 Words is Pure Inspiration

Jordan Mendiola
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When you’re committed to working every day, great things happen. Stephen King writes a thousand words every single day at a minimum and that’s inspiring. 

There’s a reason why he’s one of the most iconic writers of our time — because he puts in the work. When you don’t look at practice as work, it just becomes part of your routine which is freeing.

There are many examples of people who consistently put in work:

  • Your friend who’s an amazing guitar player practices for 15 minutes every day.
  • Your cousin who is an amazing artist sketch in their notebook for an hour every single day.
  • That friend who’s 10x’d their money on stocks spends thirty minutes every day researching companies and finding new opportunities.

When it comes to anything in life, commitment and consistency are key to a successful outcome.

For the past year and some change, I’ve been writing articles, not 1,000 words a day, but rather 3,000 words a week at least. 

I’ve seen my income rise. I’ve seen my audience grow. I’ve seen my overall mental health improve.

We need to start looking at good habits as nothing more than a routine. If we spend all day playing video games or scrolling through social media, that’s all we’re going to do for a very long time.

Bad habits can be broken, and new habits can be adopted. 

It takes a specific goal and a certain mindset to shift into the direction you want to go.

Do you want to write 1,000 words every day like Stephen King? Probably not.

But there’s got to be something out there that you’re chasing. We’re all chasing a goal, a dream, anything. It’s inevitable to always want better for ourselves and we won’t ever get there by standing on the sidelines.

Final Thought

The moral of the story is that you’re more in control than you think. Every day, we get the opportunity to tweak our habits and routines in an optimal way that gets us closer to our goals. 

We aren’t stuck in the current position we’re in forever. A few minor adjustments, a little bit of time commitment, and motivation are all it takes sometimes.

Keep your head high and develop a new habit today. It’s going to carry you in the direction you want to go. Just have patience and a little bit of faith. 

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