Why iPhone is Better Than Android

Jordan Mendiola

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My very first phone was a Virgin Mobile touchpad phone and ever since then, I’ve wanted to own nothing more than an Apple phone. 

In 2017, I took a chance on Android by purchasing a Galaxy S8+, but it didn’t meet my needs and just felt too “extra”.

I’m really glad that I experimented with Android because I’ve met people who are very convicted that Android is the superior phone. I disagree with the Android community.

Perks of Apple Phones:

  • It has an incredibly simple user interface that I’m very comfortable with.
  • The app store has nearly everything I could need to operate and work in my daily life.
  • iMessage is great because of the reactions to messages, emojis, and the very animated ways to send texts (my girlfriend knows this). 
  • They’re aesthetic and maintain the continuity as each new generation comes out. 
  • Anyone can pick it up and understand how it works inside and out — it’s not too overly complex for no reason.

Why Android didn’t do it for me:

  •  It didn’t have iMessage and the features I absolutely loved.
  • The user interface wasn’t as exciting or organized.
  • Snapchats looked like the video was taken on a phone from five years back.
  • Accidentally tapping the Bixpy button on the side constantly annoyed me, and it’s not the same as Siri.
  • The camera quality wasn’t as strong as an iPhone.
  • There were more complications figuring out the phone rather than actually utilizing it.

Final Thought

You can call me biased for being on team iPhone, but Apple has always met my needs when it came to school, work, or everyday life.

I know that Android users have their reasons for claiming it to be their phone of choice, and I want to know more. 

At the end of the day, Apple is the winner when it comes to technology, especially its phones.

I would not trade it in for anything else on the market because it’s already won me over. If anyone has something they’d like to say in regards to Apple, Samsung, or any other phone brand, us Apple users are open to new ideas. 

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