The AMC Stock Hype is Mimicking GME

Jordan Mendiola
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AMC has been going nuts this week and it could be the beginning of another short squeeze in the stock market world.

There are so many people making tons of money in the stock market and crypto world right now. It won’t last forever, so the question is “is it too late to get in?”.

In my personal opinion, from observing the markets and stock market forums, the common belief is that it’s going to continue to keep running. 

AMC started the week at 12.53 cents and now it’s approaching $30.

If we think about what happened with Gamestop, it had a jump from $4 to $12, to $20, $40, $100, then a high of $347.51. It was pure madness. People were getting filthy rich by buying out of the money contracts and raking in an insane amount of profit.

The people who sold celebrated their wins by buying Teslas and going on spending sprees. The ones who jumped in late were stuck holding the bag or even worse, selling for a big loss.

This seemed to be a pump and dump scheme in both instances, but it almost mimics the cryptocurrency hype. It’s becoming cyclical where it’s in a massive uptrend, eventually dies, no one talks about it, then it rockets back up.

If your emotions with your money run high, this type of play is not for you. 

It is really fascinating to see a movement to squeeze out shorts and make retail investors lots of money. 

Final Thoughts

I personally will be playing the AMC hype cautiously, and see how much profit I can rake in from it. I’m already up a decent amount and will plan on investing the profits into long-term plays. 

What do you guys think of the AMC and GME hype? Is it awesome? Is it upsetting? What do you think the peak for AMC is?

Stocks, crypto, and other forms of investing are really interesting. More power to the people. It’s definitely not a movement I’ll be watching on the sidelines.

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