The Benefits of Renting Out a Storage Unit

Jordan Mendiola
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In the coming weeks, I’ll be moving out with my girlfriend and my family is moving across the country. 

As a soldier who has a bunch of military equipment and things I may want to keep and not send off, a storage unit serves a huge purpose.

We’re renting an apartment that doesn’t have seven extra bedrooms we can just store stuff into so by renting a storage unit in addition to our new home, we’ll be freeing up a ton of extra space.

Being a hoarder who has to step over things is something we’re trying to avoid and by utilizing storage space, we maximize the amount of room we have to operate and live our daily lives.

A 10x10 storage unit costs nearly $100 which isn’t too crazy, $1,200 manually. 

The extra space that you create when you have a place to store it is well worth it. Especially if the items (such as my military gear) don’t have a particular use daily, it will be nice to have it properly stowed away from home.

Some people try to get incredibly crammed with their space and find ways to stack items higher and higher until it becomes overwhelming.

By having a storage unit, you avoid having to play Tetris in your living room or bedroom. I would like to know if there’s someone who can truly say that everything in their environment actually serves a purpose because I know for sure that not everything I own does.

Saying goodbye to items you don’t need is another alternative.

I am well aware that the storage unit shouldn’t be jam-packed either. At some point, you have to say goodbye to items that don’t offer you value or serve a valid purpose.

It’s tough to let go of things, but the moment you do is the moment you set yourself free. I’ve been preaching minimalism ever since I discovered Matt D’Avella on YouTube. 

When you keep things simple and avoid having so much stuff, life gets a whole lot simpler and the stress of clutter or having too many options disappears.


Storage units are excellent if you've got some things to go through and get rid of but simply need the time.

To make your home more presentable, storage units can serve you well. Just be sure that you’re working towards the goal of eventually not needing one.

It’s an additional expense. An additional subscription that you must budget for. If you can avoid using one, great. But as a last resort, a storage unit can save your space, brainpower, and stress. 

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