The Number of Followers You Have Doesn’t Matter

Jordan Mendiola
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Becoming famous on Tik Tok, an Instagram influencer, or a YouTube star seems to be something many people want nowadays.

The number of followers gets to people’s heads as if it’s the only form of validation they have to feel loved, important, or special.

At one point in my life, I used to only care about the number of followers I had. It was toxic. If I was gaining followers, I felt great. If I stagnated, I didn’t feel like my life was good enough.

The moment you let go of your follower counts and just embrace your creativity is the moment you open yourself up to a whole new world of inspiration and positivity.

Some services boost people’s profiles and get them more likes and followers nowadays. It’s pretty ridiculous, but that’s all that some people care about which is quite honestly a little sad.

When it came to blogging, I cared about followers, but I transformed my focus onto the impact I make.

Ever since I surpassed 100,000 views online, I got numb to the followers, all the numbers, and everything else.

Chasing people for attention, clout, or fame is pointless. It’s not about any of your statistics. It’s about the number of lives you’re impacting positively.

Whenever I hop in front of my keyboard to write, I think about how I can tailor together a message that can help someone in their everyday life.

You don’t have to open yourself up about your deepest darkest secrets, but by sharing some personal things about yourself, people feel like they can relate to you.

Relatability is such an important factor when it comes to resonating with others.

The more your stories, content, videos, streams, or anything is relatable, the more people will gravitate towards you.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people really love individuals who are different from the rest. There are two ends of the spectrum, but I’ve noticed that when my experiences are relatable, it impacts more people.

I’m on a mission to change the world positively. I want to be able to leave this world knowing that I added more good into it than bad, and left a legacy behind.


The key is to care. To put forth the effort and energy necessary to make a positive impact.

Your impact could be taking inspirational pictures and sharing inspirational messages (like my girlfriend does), or writing stories that bring us all closer together (like I try to do).

The number of followers you have is just a number. It doesn’t hold any significance when the end of your life comes. People think they can take the attention and fame to the grave.

When it’s all said and done, followers don’t mean anything, but the lives that you impacted do.

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