The Fear of Not Ever Being Enough Needs to End

Jordan Mendiola
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Too many people are hard on themselves. While others may look up to you on the surface, deep down, there’s this feeling that you aren’t enough. 


That’s because you’re your own biggest critic and you can’t give yourself enough credit for doing the things you’re doing. 

People think they need to make a lot of money, be happily married, and live comfortably, but it’s not reality. 

Not everyone has extra money to buy a Tesla. Not everyone meets the love of their life before thirty. Not everyone is in a great financial situation where they can pursue their passions.

I’m not painting a fairytale picture, but I am recognizing some high expectations that people unnecessarily place on themselves.

3 reasons you are enough:

  • You are curious about the world and explore something new every day.
  • You have friends and family that love and care about you. 
  • You are a living human being with a chance at life. 

Everyone has their own strengths. We just need to discover them and embrace them. 

For example, I know my strengths are that I enjoy creating content, running, and music. Therefore, I know that I feel my best when I write or create YouTube videos. I know my 3-mile runs make me feel better. I know that music helps put me in a flow state.

When you’re self-aware about the things that bring out the best in you, everything starts to change. 

Your perspective widens. Your willingness to take risks expands.

Opportunities start presenting themselves more and more.

Instead of being hard on yourself, appreciate all of the amazing things about yourself and do the things you enjoy.

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