How to Use Procrastination in Your Favor

Jordan Mendiola
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Accomplishing tasks and battling procrastination is a little bit like chess.

You’re facing your opponent and have to think several steps ahead in order to make your first moves. We’ve all dealt with procrastination at one point in our lives.

It may have been writing English papers in high school, getting started on the taxes for the year, or something simple like taking out the trash.

Regardless, procrastination isn’t the worst thing ever.

It forces us to think outside the box and try new things.

Currently, I have a couple of presentations due in three days' time, but I’m spending my time lifting weights, cleaning my room, and writing stories.

I’m being completely conflict-avoidant, but this extra energy is building up inside of me to be productive in different ways.

Procrastination is only a killer when you’re spending that time just playing games, binging Netflix, or sleeping the time away.

For those who hate finishing things last minute, I say to you that it’s okay to relax every once in a while.

Allow yourself time to mentally prepare for big projects or tasks.

The extra time you give yourself will allow you to brainstorm, approach it more analytically with an actual plan in place.

Most of us feel like we’re horrible people if we procrastinate until a few days prior or the last minute. It’s not that bad.

Being a perfectionist and a procrastinator go hand in hand.

You can unwind and distress completely all the way until the day before and still achieve an intense flow state. That flow state can only be achieved when you’re well-rested, motivated, and in the “zone”.

Moving forward, approach your work differently.

From this point on, don’t look at procrastination as the worst thing you could possibly do.

Instead, look at procrastination as an opportunity for you to perform at your best once crunch time presents itself.

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