3 Useful Subscriptions I Spend My Money On

Jordan Mendiola

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Subscriptions are monthly expenses that can eat away at your income if they don’t serve a valid purpose in your life.

I’ve tested the waters in a lot of different ways ever since I got my first job and these are the top subscriptions that I believe everyone should allocate money towards.

Most of the stories I write are dedicated to ways we should save money or invest it. But in a technology-driven world, we’re going to find ourselves spending and these are subscriptions I personally own and pay for that I don’t regret at all.

1. Spotify — Student Price $5.99/month

I’m not even a student, but I found a way to score a student deal.

Spotify is a music streaming app most people are well-aware of. It’s essential to listen to good music without the distraction of ads.

You have the capability of downloading music, podcasts, or anything that you like to consume on there.

They make it easy to create playlists. They recommend music that is tailored to you and only you.

It’s a very user-friendly app every music lover should own and not mind paying for.

2. YouTube Premium — Family Price $24.99/month

YouTube is an app I use every single day no matter what.

Whether it’s looking for some funny videos to distress, watching motivational videos, or figuring out the next big thing I want to invest in, YouTube is there.

Tons of useful information are on YouTube, and with Premium, you avoid ads and save time.

Background play allows you to listen to a video while doing something else on your phone. You can multitask and operate on your phone without committing completely and disabling the rest of your phone.

Whenever I travel, I use YouTube Premium’s download feature so that I always have entertainment or education on the go.

It’s about $7 per month on your own, but with the family plan, you get to share the benefits with 5 other individuals. It’s worth it if you enjoy a distraction-free video experience.

3. Haikhuu Trading — Gold Membership $89/month

As a trader and investor, I believe it’s incredibly important to surround yourself with like-minded people with a growth mindset.

There are tons of Facebook groups pertaining to stock and cryptocurrency, but if you want a social atmosphere with amazing individuals who want to help one another, then Haikhuu is the place to be.

The gold membership allows me to have my watchlists verified, and the staff helps with any questions I might have.

For only $89 a month, I’m able to trade with confidence. I’m able to invest with confidence. I’m able to pay off the entire membership with just one solid trade a month.

For the gold membership, you can tap into a whole new world making money.


There are a lot of different ways to spend your money. You can spend it on things you’ll never use.

Or you could commit that money into sectors you use daily and that better your life.

If you want to get the most out of your income, dedicate it to one or all of these recommendations.

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