7 Things to Consider When Moving Out

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Many of us have been around the world, traveled, and seen new places, but it’s nothing compared to moving out on our own.

My amazing girlfriend, Roselyn is an extremely solid preparer and has been working on spreadsheets with me for the past few months. We’re anticipating our move into our first apartment in the coming month.

There’s a laundry list of things that need to be accomplished and figured out before moving.

Here are ten things to consider if you’re moving out alone or with roommates:

1. What your income situation looks like

Before anything, you’ve got to know how much money you’re going to have in your bank account. There’s gonna be rent due every month, personal bills, utilities, and other expenses.

Without a baseline of your income, you’ll be running around, lost, overwhelmed, and all over the place.

2. Bills and expenses:

Aside from rent expenses, our car bills, subscriptions, and insurance bills stick with us. It’s important to diagnose your bills and recognize how much you should automatically be deducted from your income every month.

You may find that you need to shop around for cheaper rates on certain things or cut back on dining out. The more you confront your bills and expenses, the fewer surprises you’ll have once you’re hit with the bills.

3. Figure out all the things you need:

You’re going to need to buy internet, tables, perhaps a couch, and much more. When it’s all brand new, you might feel overwhelmed when your home doesn't feel like one.

Google spreadsheet is a great place to get started on everything you might need that way you’re not just using Amazon every single day.

4. Plan your meals and the foods you’re going to eat.

We eat 3–4 times a day and if we don’t know what we’re going to eat, it’s going to turn into a college dorm-style life — Ramen noodles and spam.

It’s important to discuss and create a list of the meals you want that way you can plan your grocery shopping better and have a plan for the week.

No more going downstairs to mom or dad’s cooking and expecting a meal prepared for you all the time. That’s now your responsibility.

5. Budget entertainment accordingly:

Moving out will eat up a good chunk of any free recreational money you earned before. This means that money for Doordash, concerts, trips to the city, and everything else needs to be done with a strategy.

I love to go out and have fun, but ever since Covid happened, I have found more fun staying at home with my girlfriend, my family, and just living life a little more simply.

For instance, we plan on going to a music festival in the summer to see San Holo, but that money’s already put to the side as we’ve already spent it.

6. Money for investments

This is a bonus priority. Opportunities are everywhere around us. Most people are too lazy or afraid to lose money by investing in crypto or stocks, but it’s the best way to grow your net worth.

Set aside a small amount of money each month in addition to your bills that way you’re not stagnating while putting attention into your future.

7. Set aside time for you and the person you’re living with.

For example, Roselyn and I already have our schedules mapped out so that we can fall asleep together, wake up together, cook together, and work out together.

It’s easy to get lost in all the day-to-day grinds of working, eating, sleeping, and having fun. But if you don’t put attention and care into the person you’re living with, then it’s going to feel like it’s not worth it and all for nothing.


I have a lot of pride in saying that I’m going to move out shortly. This means more independence, more responsibilities, and more opportunities to live the way my girlfriend and I want to.

If you’re afraid of moving out, save some money, work hard, and good things will come.

However, make sure you’re absolutely ready and not overextending yourself.

Clearly, these seven things aren’t the only things to consider when moving out, but they’re a damn good start.

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