Why I Enjoy Writing Short Articles

Jordan Mendiola

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Being able to jump from one article to the next is absolutely setting me free as a writer.

Personally, I have a short attention span so it isn’t easy to pick a topic and stick to it for more than an hour. If you go through my recent stories, they range anywhere from 250 words to 750 words.

I used to write stories that were 1,000 words and more, but that was incredibly draining. I could only write one or two a day, and then I’d take several days off. 

To some degree, you need to be self-aware about what your mental capacity is to write stories. If it’s one a week, then do that. Once a month, go for it. 

For me, it’s several times a day, in short-form. 

The biggest advantages to writing short articles: 

  • Not having to stick within one niche, so being free to write anything.
  • Not sticking to a schedule because I can write 3–5 of these short articles a day.
  • Knowing that my stories won’t be perfect or as in-depth, but they’re quick and straight to the point.
  • Regardless of length, these stories can still help someone.
  • It’s easier to get started knowing that there’s no pressure to write an essay-style article. 
  • It feels more like a free-write rather than a strict writing session where everything has to be spotless.
  • You don’t have to write like a perfectionist.

There are a wide variety of stories you can share on the internet. Why put all the stress on yourself to write college-style essays that take forever? 

If you’re innovative and creative, try writing shorter articles. It’s more freeing and you can share more in a shorter amount of time.

It benefits the readers and the writers. The readers want to save time by getting right to the point. Writers have the ability to share more stories in a shorter amount of time.

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