Why Losing Weight is Much Easier Said Than Done

Jordan Mendiola

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Judgemental people will say something like “why doesn’t that person just lose weight?”.

The thing is, it’s not so easy for everybody to just drop 10, 20, 30 pounds out of the blue. 

Fitness extends much farther beyond going to the gym consistently or getting outside every day for thirty minutes.

It’s an uphill battle that includes having a healthy diet, a metabolism-dependent result, and stress level dependency.

Healthy diets are a big part of it.

A healthy diet in simplest terms for me is eating more healthy foods and less unhealthy foods. 

I don’t prefer to be strict on my diet. However, I do my best to recognize when I’ve been having too much fast food or rice and I need to cut back a bit.

Metabolism has a lot to do with how much fat you’ll burn.

We all have that friend or relative who is always in good shape, yet they don’t work out or stick to a healthy diet. 

According to Harvard Medical School, A fast metabolism burns calories at a quicker rate, which explains why some people can eat a lot and not gain extra pounds. But you can’t entirely blame a sluggish metabolism for weight gain, says Dr. Lee. “The reality is that metabolism often plays a minor role,”

Many of us resent that person, but it isn’t our fault. They may just have an incredibly fast metabolism. 

Your stress levels will affect your weight loss journey.

Person A who doesn’t live a particularly stressful life will lose more weight than person B who struggles financially, has no time for themselves, and is constantly in a bad mood.

We must take into account where our stress levels are on a scale of 1–10.

If we’re anywhere 7 and above, we need to tackle the stressors and resolve them as soon as possible. Results and weight loss won’t occur if we’re stressed.

Being overly stressed may lead to stress-eating, loss of motivation to exercise, and an overall pessimistic approach to fitness.

Final Thought

Exercising and losing weight is easier said than done. 

Everyone’s body, circumstances, and external forces are different.

The next time you see someone or know someone who tells another person they need to lose weight, try and be considerate because you have no idea what they could be going through. 

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