The Importance of Taking Things One Day at a Time

Jordan Mendiola
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Every day is another battle. Every day is another opportunity. 

Which one of those appeals to you more? 

If you feel like every day is another new battle, then odds are that you’re overwhelmed with a lot of things on your plate. This is a critical moment in your life where you must establish control.

Gaining control of your life is done by not thinking about achieving all your goals today. It means understanding that every day is an opportunity to make strides towards your desired goals.

So many millennials and gen Z individuals (including me) feel like we need to have our entire life figured out by now. Life is a long game, and results don’t need to happen overnight. 

Some benefits of taking things one day at a time:

  • You avoid being overwhelmed by being ahead of where you’re at.
  • A lower sense of urgency looms over your head and you can focus on things one at a time rather than all at once.
  • It gives you a long-term perspective on the goals you want to accomplish instead of a short-term perspective. 
  • Your likelihood of achieving your goals increases tremendously, and fewer mistakes will be made. 
  • You give yourself more time to accomplish your goals, but the time frame must be reasonable.

If your goal is to complete a marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon, you’ve got to practice several days a week for at least a couple of months.

Setting a goal and holding it off for years will be the biggest setback in whatever it is you want to achieve. 

Set reasonable goals with reasonable time-frames, and the rest will follow.

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