Why I Wish Invested in Crypto Instead of Stocks

Jordan Mendiola

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About a year ago, I poured about $25,000 of my deployment money into stocks instead of cryptocurrency. 

If I could go back in time, I would have put it all into cryptocurrency — the ones that were worth less than a dollar, or even one Bitcoin at $6,000.

But I didn’t. Why? I believed that stocks were far more reasonable to purchase than a cryptocurrency that could very well just crash and not be existent in the future.

Now, I am faced with looking at several missed gains on Cryptocurrencies that I watched pass me by.

Why crypto is better for your returns:

Let’s talk about Dogecoin. 

Say you buy $100 worth of Dogecoin at 50 cents. 

It hits a dollar and your $100 is now worth $200.

You just made a 100% return on your investment. 

If Dogecoin hits $10, you just 20x’d your money and your $100 is now worth $2,000. 

Clearly, the price change may be small on paper, but the percentage change is drastically different. 

Why stocks are good but not as effective for your money:

Let’s talk about Tesla.

Say you buy one Tesla stock at $700

It hit’s $1400 and your $700 investment is now worth $1,400.

You just made a 100% return on your investment.

In order to 20x your money like you did with Dogecoin, you would need Tesla’s stock to be worth $14,000.

That’s a lot more of a value gain that you need to get the same results with the cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

When you look at percentage gains, your perspective changes:

Prior to cryptocurrencies taking off, I looked at them as less valuable than penny stocks. But clearly, I was wrong.

From now on, I’m going to dedicate my investing money towards cryptocurrencies for the percentage gains.

It’s far less work, far less tedious, and highly likely to succeed.

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance way to invest, look into cryptocurrency. 

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