Why You Should Acknowledge Your Peak Productivity Time

Jordan Mendiola

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Boom! It’s morning and it’s time to grind! Sweet, it’s about midnight, and I’m ready to absolutely crush it.

Which one of these appeals to you more? 

For me personally, I think about nighttime as the time frame when I’ve come up with my best pieces of work or writing. Something about my brain being relaxed and my body feeling tired put me into a more focused state of mind.

You can consider yourself a morning person but still perform at your best at night. 

Nothing has to go in a perfectly straight line, but you should be aware when you do your best work. That’s how to work smarter and not harder.

As someone who doesn’t like to waste time, I prefer to chunk the majority of my creative tasks like social media posts, writing, and inspiration into a small window in my day. 

As long as I can get 2–3 hours distraction-free, I can complete more tasks than I would on an eight-hour shift. Achieving the flow state happens for most people around night time.

Cell phones have made us more of night owls, and not many people look forward to waking up early.

I’m a night owl whose peak performance time is surprisingly around midnight, after having eaten, worked out, and relaxed a little bit.

Own up to your time frame. Even if it’s 4 am, that doesn’t make you crazy. 

It makes you self-aware to know your peak performance time. We all have one. It’s our job to experiment and see what works best so we can all work smarter and not harder.

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