Early Reflections on Transitioning to Online Learning

Jordan Mendiola

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Ever since Covid happened, I’ve wondered what it was like to learn online and if it was dreadful, enjoyable, tolerable, or anything in between.

It’s been nearly two years since I signed up for a course, but today was my first day of the Basic Leadership Course, a training we do in the Army in order to get promoted to the Sergeant rank. 

So jumping into my class of 20 fellow Specialists and Corporals in uniform was interesting. We were all strangers and it just felt kind of awkward. 

It almost feels too easy to slack off (not that I would), and to not fully give the presenter your full attention. I mean how can you? 

Comfort inside your own home

You’re in the comfort of your own home without someone watching you like a hawk, so of course, you could get away with playing on your phone or something. 

One thing I found really interesting was raising your hand digitally. That was something I never even thought about, but it’s probably more tolerable for the instructor. 

Instead of a student waving his or her hand side to side possibly throwing you off guard, there’s a tiny little notification and you can make a mental note.

As far as camaraderie or connection with fellow students it’s strictly business. Sure you’ll get a dog bark in the background or a baby crying, but otherwise, it’s just business. 

You get to see some wholesome moments here and there of a dog jumping on a student’s lap, but otherwise, it’s kind of boring. 

It’s a really convenient way to learn and do your tasks

I won’t knock online learning because it’s super convenient. You roll out of bed, clock in, and you're in class. No commuting, packing your things, etc. 

It’s all right there, and that’s pretty sweet. At least for now.

What are your thoughts on online learning? 

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