Why a Clear Desk Will Help You Focus Better

Jordan Mendiola

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The way that I’m able to write a ton, post a ton of content online, and create connections through marketing is because I have a clear desk.

Without a clear desk, I’m a mess. I don’t know where to start. Things are falling all over the place. It’s like a storm just swept through my brain and I can’t find a flow. 

Does this sound like you?

It’s probably because of some sort of clutter on your desk that doesn’t really need to be there. Take a look around your “office” space and evaluate what stays and what goes. 

This random bag of jelly beans and my deodorant definitely didn’t belong there before I sat down for work today, but I fixed it.

The only things I keep on my desk are my computer and a gift my girlfriend made me for extra motivation. 

When you associate a specific space for a specific purpose, you’re far more likely to be disciplined and jump right into work. 

It’s the same way students know that they should be ready to learn when they’re in a classroom setting. 

It’s the same way a customer gets into a good mood because they sat down at their favorite restaurant and the food is coming their way. 

When you take a seat at your desk, your body should instinctually know that it’s time to write, read, study, watch, and get things done. 

The more automated you are to clock in, put in the work, and get out, the more productive you’ll be. 

That’s the power of having a really clean desk. How’s yours look?

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