I Stopped Partying and It's The Best Decision I Ever Made

Jordan Mendiola

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Given COVID restrictions, I haven’t gone to a party for nearly two years.

As an extrovert who enjoys meeting new people and likes having exciting experiences, I thought it’d be hard to adjust to a party-free life.

The complete opposite happened. I have more time for the people who really matter, and the connections are ten times more genuine.

Going to a party makes you put on a fake smile or only share the most upbeat side of yourself. Parties don’t necessarily give you the space to be vulnerable and have heartfelt conversations. 

At parties I attended in college, there were mostly quick small-talk conversations that led to some form of networking, which benefitted me in interesting ways.

But it was draining too. There’s a constant meeting of people and then finding out that later down the line, they don’t really care about you. 

Can you blame people for not building deep, genuine connections at parties though? I can’t. I wasn’t always the most committed friend after meeting someone at a party either.

Small kickbacks with really close friends, family, and my significant other are the types of interactions I thrive in now. 

We only get so much time here on Earth and we might as well spend it with the ones of genuinely care about us and have been there for us when we were at our lowest.

By no means am I saying that partying is a crime. I love to party and go to raves and concerts still, but not so much for the sake of meeting cool people, but rather to have a good time in a different environment. 

All the time that I have accumulated from not partying has been used to learn, work on myself, spend time with my significant other, and look deeper within. 

People and parties are distractions from our normal lives that can often hold us back from focusing on what really matters, which is ourselves and our inner circles.

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