3 Ways to Make Your Job Search Worthwhile

Jordan Mendiola

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Searching for a job is one of the most vulnerable moments we will face in our lifetime. We need the money to support ourselves and we have to prove our worth to someone else.

Ever since I planned to move out with my girlfriend, I’ve been searching for part-time work that would be able to cover a lot of the basic expenses.

The thrill of job hunting is easier if you already have income coming in on the side. But if you don’t then time is of the essence and it’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed.

Here are three things I’ve done to make the search easier.

Keep applying, and don’t stop doing it day or night.

In my job search, I was so picky about the career choices that Indeed offered me and I wanted to quit looking at some points.

But thanks to my girlfriend, she pushed me to keep searching and even sent me a ton of different opportunities that I could apply to.

There were times when I felt like the job would be a perfect fit for me, and it fell through because it was an MLM or something.

There were also times when the job that didn’t seem like a perfect fit based on the title actually met most of my needs.

Like Michael Jordan said, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” so why not take a bunch of shots and be the one in charge of the jobs that get back to you?

Do extensive research on the company, hours, location, and responsibilities.

At first, I was way too stubborn to do my due diligence on the companies I was applying for. But thanks to my girlfriend, she showed me how to do more extensive research rather than chasing the job that offered the most money.

A lot of companies will do that to you when you’re job hunting. They’ll list the salary as 50k-100k, little to find out that those are the maximums if you kill it on their sales team.

Don’t be vulnerable and take a job that doesn’t align with your values or has a bad reputation. Businesses need people to fill a role and they need you just as much as you need them.

Avoid being taken advantage of by asking any question that comes to mind to the hiring agent. You should put them on the spot just as much as they put you on the spot.

The jobs that don’t focus on the responsibilities, the pay, or the hours, and talk more about company vacations and want to learn about you are most likely trying to bait you in to be part of their sales team and then kicking you to the curb.

Don’t be afraid to be a hawk on the company and get all your questions out.

Give yourself at least a month to really commit to job hunting.

Within the first two days of applying to jobs, I got easily discouraged. My girlfriend told me that it takes time. You’re not going to find what you’re looking for overnight.

Sometimes, you can find what you’re looking for quickly, but then realize you have to fall back into the same cycle again because it wasn’t for you.

As long as you continue searching, applying, answering interviews (sometimes Zoom calls), and being responsive to emails, you’re going to find a career within no time.

Your time is the most important resource. You can’t apply to three jobs and sit for a month saying that you’re looking for work.

Submit a ton of applications out towards anything that you’re even curious about. You’ll save yourself a bunch of time if there are more applications out and you’re in more interviews.

Final Thought

If you’re job hunting, it’s likely that time is of the essence. Bills don’t stop just because you're transitioning in your life.

Take as many shots as you can when applying. Be sure to do your due diligence on the companies you’re looking to commit to.

Keep your head up because it’s a rigorous process if your needs and wants aren’t being met.

Great opportunities don’t just fall into your lap. You have to go out there and demand it.

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