The Pros and Cons of Living in The Suburbs

Jordan Mendiola

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Would you prefer a lowkey town where it’s not too crowded and you have your own space or be packed in a city where there’s always something to do and something interesting on every corner?

The suburban style of living is something I’ve grown accustomed to my entire life and I’m happy with it.

You feel like you have your own space and there isn’t so much craziness all the time. Living in the suburbs also makes going to the city far more enjoyable and exciting.

The Pros:

  • You get more space and land typically that you get to call your own.
  • There’s far less traffic and craziness during rush hour.
  • It’s quieter and easier to focus on yourself when you’re not surrounded by thousands of people. There are also fewer sirens and heavy traffic sounds.
  • It’s typically a cheaper lifestyle of living whether it’s in an apartment or a house in the suburbs.
  • You don’t have to worry about parking on the street or wasting time just to find a spot. 
  • There are more forest preserves and parks that you can visit to exercise or unwind.

The Cons:

  • It’s slower, quieter, and less exciting than the city.
  • There aren’t as many events or gatherings in the suburbs (which is good during a Pandemic).
  • There are fewer restaurants, bars, and places to explore.
  • You may get tired of the day-to-day life in the suburbs because it doesn’t seem exciting. 
  • It takes longer to get to places where the things you enjoy take place (such as the city).
  • Most people like to keep to themselves and may not be as open to interacting.

Final Thought

Separating the city life and suburban life as two different environments is something I enjoy. 

I love going to the city, but living there might not be everything I hoped for.

 It’s typically a place where young people flock, but if you want to focus on yourself, have more space, and have little to no distractions, then the suburbs are more suitable for you. 

One day, I might live in the city, but for right now, the suburbs meet all my needs. It takes self-awareness about what you want in deciding whether the city is for you, or the suburbs. 

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