Writing to Release Negative Emotions is Crucial for Mental Health

Jordan Mendiola

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Losing a family member, a bad day at work, or a random trigger are all things that can fill someone up with rage.

The important thing to realize is how to handle this rage.

You could punch a wall, lift some weights, or stress eat, but do any of those things really confront the issue you’re going through?

My go-to strategy for dealing with tough times is through writing. It’s already a daily habit of mine, but I need it most when I’m feeling off. Here are a few ways you can use writing to your advantage.

Write any and everything you’re feeling and don’t worry about editing.

One of the best ways to release a lot of tension and anger is by writing everything you’re feeling in an unfiltered, uninterrupted way.

Throw on your headphones and start typing or writing away. Once you get into such a flow state you’ll realize what you wrote down is partially only has to deal with your emotions. 

I’ve had heated arguments, lost loved ones, lost my childhood animals, and even had bad days trading in the stock market. 

Regardless of what triggered my negative emotions, I write about it. 

Writing it out will help you come to a solution and dig deeper.

Through writing, I lay out all of my feeling or emotions in a way that you would talk to your therapist or a trusted friend or family.

You vent for a little, get the biggest things off your chest, and then lead into working towards a solution. Oftentimes, I’ll research my situation and seek stories or inspiration about how someone going through the same thing overcame it.

It’s not an easy feat, but confronting your problems or inner demons head-on will do more good than bad. It will help you recognize what you need to do to prevent this from happening again or what you could do better next time. 

Writing is great for mental health because it’s uninterrupted thinking without anyone else’s input.

Problem-solving on your own is so crucial if you want to be able to stand on your own two feet and work things out on your own.

We may share the things we deal with someone we care about and trust deeply but they won’t always say exactly what we need to hear — and that’s not their fault.

Every internal battle and or struggle isn’t for someone else to fix. We have to do the legwork ourselves and writing it out is like doing our own research project on how to fix it or at least walk away feeling better.

Final Thought

Through writing, I’ve been able to work through a lot of different circumstances and come out of them victorious.

Writing doesn’t only have to satisfy your audience, but it can act as a helping hand for you when you’re not at your best.

As with most things in life, writing is therapeutic and I encourage anyone who feels lost, angry, or that the world is unfair to jot down their thoughts. 

Many of the best ideas aren’t released and shared in the world, but writing may be that perfect outlet for you and someone out there who needs to hear it. 

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