It's Time for Us Writers to Take Over The Internet

Jordan Mendiola

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Online writers have more control than they may know.

I’ve gotten emails from people who have been inspired by my running articles or military experience and it constantly surprises me.

Someone actually read that?

Someone was actually impacted by my writing?

It reinforces my motivation to sit in front of the keyboard every single day and share any life lessons or insights I have on certain topics.

This platform has an incredible SEO feature where our stories rank higher in the google search bars.

That means if you write a story that is searchable on Google, that there are good odds someone is going to find it along with their research.

Sharing content that’s meaningful to both me and other people out there makes me feel like I’m contributing to helping others in the world — something I strongly value.

YouTube wasn’t the answer for me. I enjoyed making vlogs, advice in front of the camera, and so much more, but it couldn’t possibly compare to the ease and fulfillment of writing.

There on YouTube, you’ve gotta write the script, hit record, do all the editing, and then hope it finds someone. But the internet is so competitive when it comes to video making.

Not everyone makes time to consume your 7-minute video.

But anyone can make time to digest your 7-minute article.

Internet users aren’t tied down to your article to read everything line for line.

I’ll admit it, I hardly ever read an article completely from start to finish. My brain easily wanders to something else unless the story is so compelling my eyes can’t break contact.

People want to get in and get out. By establishing your credibility, providing useful examples, and interesting stories, people gravitate towards you.

Clearly, taking any advice on the internet is risky because the advice could be invalid, but that’s why there are millions of different articles on all types of topics.

I never thought my thoughts would matter, only the things I did.

I’m not a great story-teller in person, but when it comes to writing, there’s a much less stressful way of telling it.

The next time you gear up to write a story, know that someone out there will find it one day and it’ll help them out.

It may not be today, tomorrow, or next month.

But in time, someone is going to find your words and it’ll provide the answers, guidance, or reassurance they were looking for.

For that reason, I will never stop writing.

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