"Trust The Process" is The Best Advice Anyone Can Take

Jordan Mendiola

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Nowadays everyone wants things fast.

Money, our dream jobs, our lives to be five years ahead of right now.

It’s killing us all, slowly. 

Back in high school, my baseball coach always preached “trusting the process” and I got tired of it really quick. But after continuous days of extra batting practice and focusing on being a better outfielder, I improved tremendously and earned All-Area honors that season.

This is one of the many times that I have trusted the process and it worked out in my favor.

Without Trusting the Process, You’ll be Quick to Quit

They say slow and steady wins the race, right?

That’s because the rabbit that’s trying to run through life, willing to take any shortcuts possible is more likely to make dumb mistakes and regret them later down the line.

There is no quick shortcut to anything in life. 

If you’re seeking a fast-track to more money or whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, you can go to the casino. That’s where many of the impatient gamblers go and blow their life savings.

But I wouldn’t recommend that either. 

When the instant gratification we seek is met in the short-term, we get addicted to the feeling and raise our expectations. Another thing that kills us all slowly.

Lower Your Expectations, and Increase Your Commitment

Whether it’s learning a new skill or trying to earn a certain dollar amount, lowering your expectations from the jump will work wonders.

When you’re not expecting anything in return from the work you do, usually an opportunity finds you. That’s what happened with writing.

I didn’t have any expectations to make money from it, and here I am earning an extra $1200 a month from it. 

I doubt I’ll ever reach any news publications or get paid a great amount with a company, but I’m trusting the process of writing. You don’t get better overnight, but with due diligence and constant practice, you get better.

My expectations were and will always be low, but my commitment to these ventures I take on will always remain high. 

Find Your Why, and You’ll Remain Motivated Forever 

Everyone wants more money, but why?

To buy a Tesla, travel the world, or buy anything they want?

Assume you got your wish granted. Now what? You’re always going to be chasing something no matter what. It’s in our human DNA to always be wanting more — the internet made that even more likely to happen.

If you want to make more money so you can spend more time with the ones you love that’s more reason why the process is well worth it.

Quality time with the people who matter most can be at the root of all our desires. 

We could be sitting on millions of dollars, but without anyone we truly love around us, it’s worthless. This is why there are millionaires who cry in their Lamborghinis. 

Find a why that speaks to you deep down, select your process, and stick with it. 

Final Thought

I’m not usually someone to rant on things, but I am just seeing way too many people get impatient and self-destruct. 

Whether that’s their life savings, valuable relationships in their lives, or letting their dreams go. It’s saddening. 

I want everyone to find something they enjoy and never let it go. 

If that were the case, the world would be a much better place.

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