What it Means to "Seek Discomfort"

Jordan Mendiola

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Seeking discomfort is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone to accomplish incredible things you would have otherwise chosen not to do.

For nearly two years, I’ve followed YouTube’s Yes Theory channel because Thomas, Matt, and Amar have shown me exactly how to face my fears and try the things that scare me. 

From public speaking, saying hi to strangers, or putting myself out there more, “Seek Discomfort” has been at the back of my mind. 

I rarely ever feel pessimistic or doubtful in my own abilities thanks to this slogan. Here are a few ways that I interpret this incredible slogan. 

Your Mind is The Only Thing Telling You to be Afraid

I use a three-step process whenever there’s something that I’m afraid to do:

  1. I tell myself that everything will be okay.
  2. I have nothing to lose.
  3. I will be glad I took a chance

When it comes to doing anything nerve-wracking, the majority of the time it’s all mental. We get mental blocks in life because we are afraid to fail.

We think about every possible scenario of why something could go wrong. For every action we want to take, there’s been someone else who has accomplished it — so as Russell Wilson says, “why not us?”. 

There are several things I used to fear such as public speaking, putting myself out there, or running long distances. But ever since I discovered “seek discomfort”, I’ve been able to accomplish a lot of things I wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Greatness Awaits Outside Your Comfort Zone

Extraordinary people do extraordinary things. The way you set up your schedule for the day should incorporate at least one thing that makes you feel a little uneasy.

Something that helps me step outside my comfort zone is changing up one thing in my routine every day. This could mean waking up 30 minutes earlier, working longer hours, or taking a cold shower. 

Stepping outside of your comfort zone will make you feel better about yourself and avoid making you feel like a coward anytime any pressure is put on you. 

Some of the greatest connections I’ve made in my life came from doing things for the first time. 

  • Joining the army out of high school when I felt lost, and now I’m found.
  • Writing my first blog and now I have over 400 published articles online.
  • Joining the track and field team and now completed 4 half-marathons.

Everything seems scary until you start. If you want a goal bad enough, you’ll find a way to chase it and ultimately, achieve it. 

It Means You’re Incredibly Brave

Brave individuals don’t back down from any challenges. They cut out the excuses and look only towards the positive outcomes. Even if stepping outside of your comfort zone means you fail a thousand times, you’ll gain experience.

Like a video game, we need to accomplish tasks and achievements to level up. Through seeking discomfort, I’ve prestiged a couple of times and am constantly finding new ways to level up.

You’re brave for trying something without knowing for sure that the outcome will be in your favor. You’ll admire and be proud of yourself for taking a leap of faith even though you were so scared, to begin with. 

Every day presents new challenges for us, and instead of saying no, let’s say yes. Let’s say yes to the possibilities that await us in life. Let’s avoid saying no to all of the little challenges that present themselves.

Final Thought

The happiest people in life seem to have gotten there by luck, which certainly isn’t the case. They bet on themselves even when they feel self-doubt — these are called defining moments.

Do you have enough defining moments in your lifetime? Are you beginning to crawl back into your shell and play it safe? It’s never too late to make changes.

Take everything one day at a time, and eventually, you’ll be more than satisfied with the person you’re becoming. 

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