The Pandemic Brought More People Outside Than Pokemon Go

Jordan Mendiola

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As someone who’s always out adventuring into nature and going for runs, I’ve noticed a surge in people coming outside ever since the Pandemic began. 

There are couples and families closer-knit than ever and enjoying their time where it’s just them. It’s really heartwarming to see people walk, have deep conversations, and dive into nature.

Pokemon Go came out in July of 2016, and that is the only other time I had ever seen so many people walking through parks, along the lake, and through neighborhoods. 

There are several reasons why seeing people out brings me so much joy and happiness. 

 Family Time is More Evident

Compared to Pokemon Go, the Pandemic is bringing families and friends closer together because instead of having everyone you normally talk to in your life, you pick only a few. 

Personally, I’ve gotten closer with my brothers and my parents because of the Pandemic. When Pokemon Go came out, we all did it with our own selective friends, and now we’re playing football, basketball, and playing disc golf. 

Life before the Pandemic made it really easy for me to lose sight of who means the most to me. I would have several pointless interactions that I did just to feel important.

Now that I’ve closed my circle to the ones that truly matter most, I’m more in-tune with the things I enjoy doing, and the values I believe in. 

Without the Pandemic, I might not have ever looked deep within myself to see the true me instead of the version of me I displayed to everyone else. 

More Health Goals are Being Met

There are so many people who have shed weight and began Keto diets ever since Covid happened. I’ve seen some people completely transform their bodies and their lifestyles because distractions were eliminated.

Instead of waking up hungover on Saturday morning, people are going for runs, bike rides, and walks outside.

Personally, I have a lot more energy to do the things I love like write and work out. It took me a while to figure out a schedule that works for me, but now that I get outside daily, I feel like I’m in a generally happier mood.

There was a time during the Pandemic that I put on a lot of weight and knew I had to get back into my true form. There are so many inspirational people starting their fitness journeys. Fewer distractions mean more time for you to focus on yourself. 

Phone Call Walks 

The biggest difference I’ve noticed now versus before is that more people are walking solo while being on the phone. People are killing two birds with one stone by communicating and getting exercise.

Sure, there are a lot of people who prefer to stay home and sit on a Zoom call all day, but there are others who are getting their steps in and having meaningful conversations.

Phone call walks are really peaceful because even though you may feel lonely and separated from the rest of the world, the person on the other end of the line genuinely cares about you. 

Without the power of the internet and technology being as advanced as it is, we would be limited to face-to-face interactions — which currently isn’t the focus. 

Final Thought

Fitness and health took a massive dive at the Covid spike, but more and more I’m seeing how it actually helped people get on the right track. 

Regular exercise habits are being formed, and plenty of people are becoming the people they were meant to be rather than someone they’re not. 

Whether it’s a viral phone game like Pokemon Go or an unexpected Pandemic, we should never take our health for granted and get outside more. 

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