YouTube Premium is The Best Subscription to Own

Jordan Mendiola

YouTube Premium

YouTube premium helps me get through every single day. I could be in the middle of my morning routine or stuck in a place with no service and always have some form of entertainment. 

Currently, I’m paying $24.99 for the family plan, but I don’t even mind. Having ad-free entertainment, podcasts, and music at my disposal 24/7 is worth it for someone like me.

I’m always on the go, driving, going new places, and getting things done so it’s important that I have something that gets me from point A to B. 

In this unsponsored article, I plan on sharing some of the most impactful reasons why I will stay committed to YouTube Premium for a long time to come. 

1. Ad-Free Videos 

Nobody and I mean nobody likes ads! YouTube Premium saves you 5 to 30 seconds of buffer time due to ads. I love clicking a video and getting straight to the point in the content that I’m looking for. 

If it’s a how-to video on fixing my broken-down car (which has happened before), I don’t have time to wait for ads. I need the information now, and it’s so fast.

It’s irritating when you’re trying to do anything and advertisements get in your way. For that reason, I have a premium account for YouTube and Spotify, both interrupted. 

It may seem like 5 or 30 seconds won’t make a difference for you, but that’s not even the best part — which leads me to point number 2. 

2. Background Play

My favorite part of YouTube premium is background play. This means I’m able to listen to sports news, or world news all while checking my social media. It’s super convenient to be able to multi-task in a way. 

Some nights I like to listen to certain videos right before bed and I don’t want to leave my screen on the entire time. You can tuck your phone away in your pocket while listening to something you enjoy at the same time.

Background play is convenient for those who are always on the go. Combine auto-play, ad-free videos, and convenience and you have an extremely useful phone app. 


Downloading videos and songs you love create an amazing dynamic of ease-of accessibility. This means that even when you’re in locations with bad service, you still have access to your favorite media.

You can basically consider yourself always on the grid because of the downloadability feature.

When I was deployed in the Middle East, YouTube downloads were able to keep me and my buddies entertained because the service was so bad out there. 

Downloads come in handy the most when you’re traveling and lose service in the skies. It’s worth the extra money every month if you enjoy having any entertainment on the go at any time. 

Final Thought

When it comes to saving time and adding convenience into your life, YouTube Premium is the way to go. I prefer the experience with Premium 10 times more than without it.

For those of you who commute to work or find yourself always being on the go, YouTube Premium is a worthy investment. 

If you are already a user of YouTube Premium, let me know how it is! 

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