Write First Thing in the Morning for a Clearer Mind

Jordan Mendiola

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Waking up to a nice cold glass of water, good morning texts from my girl, and writing gives me the energy I need to have a successful start to my day.

Being an overthinker, my mind is constantly thinking about something. It could be my work, creating content, or setting my goals for the week. Regardless, there’s something to write about.

The majority of the thoughts that go through my head are put into blogging and I release them into the world to hopefully help someone else. 

Here are three reasons why I recommend writing first thing in the morning.

1. It Helps You Regain Focus 

One study says humans have nearly 6,200 thoughts a day! If you’re constantly thinking about your day without getting it out, your brain is going to be fried.

We don’t always have someone to talk to and sometimes our thoughts are better off worked out in our own heads and that’s where writing comes into play.

If you’re constantly worrying about how to save more money this month, it’s better that you write it down — write the expenses and how much you save every paycheck and things will make more sense.

You can even go deeper to write down why you make certain purchases. Adding justification to your actions can go a long way in writing. Maybe you’re doing it to impress others? Or you could just be doing it because you feel a void somewhere else.

2. It Forces You to Do Research

When you write, it makes you think outside the box. In certain cases, your thoughts won’t go anywhere unless you do a bit of research. 

Research outside of school is far more personal and intriguing to me. I love looking up statistics on things going through my mind and finding quotes pertaining to the topic.

I use overthinking to my advantage by following up with research, watching videos, and reading a lot. It’s better to have thoughts and ask questions rather than assume things are the way they are for a reason.

Thank to writing in the morning, I’m more curious, and always asking questions — which leads to more knowledge. 

3. It’s a Healthy Habit Leading to More Clarity

It’s incredibly easy to wake up and feel lost and scatter-brained. But when you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, everything can begin to make sense again. 

One of the worst habits I used to have in the morning was checking my social media to see if I got any likes, comments, or notifications. That useless stimulation was morning coffee, but now it’s writing.

Your thoughts get organized when they’re put into writing. Being consistent is one of the hardest things to do, but after about of month of sticking to the habit, it’ll be muscle memory. 

I wondered why people work out in the mornings, do yoga, or meditate, and then I discovered why as soon as I began writing in the mornings. 

Final Thought

You become far more mindful of your life and your surroundings once you begin writing every morning. Instead of feeling scattered and a mess, you take charge of your thoughts and ultimately your life.

I encourage anyone going through a rough patch to try it out and see if it leads to any benefits — it most likely will!

Free write anything — the things you’re grateful for, the things you’re afraid of, or what you want to accomplish for the day. The biggest point is to start.

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