Violent Video Games Don't Make You a More Violent Person

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A controller and a screen were placed in front of my face when I was two years old and ever since then have been a big part of who I am.

Competitive people, athletes, average Joe’s, and creative individuals often flee to videogames for a sense of relief and escape from the real world.

Especially with the Pandemic keeping people socially distanced and apart, the topic of video games has thrived more than ever. Developers are finding innovative ways to make gaming experiences more personal, interactive, and downright breathtaking. 

Although a lot of the games I’m into are violent such as Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros, Dead by Daylight, and Grand Theft Auto, I’m not a more violent person. If anything, I’m far from violent. 

Violent Games Let You Unwind Quicker

In the same way going outside to play competitive sports relieves tension and stress, violent video games give off a similar dopamine release that alleviates aggressive behavior.

Day-to-day life can be incredibly stressful. You may not enjoy the work you do for a living, feel like things are crumbling, or you’re upset with yourself and that’s okay. 

There’s nothing wrong with going towards videogames to take your mind off things as long as it doesn’t become your only coping mechanism for your unhappiness.

When I log in to Call of Duty or Dead by Daylight, I get to be this aggressive animal that’s inside of me to achieve an objective. It doesn’t make me a more violent person because I do violent things in games. There’s a huge separation between the two.

Video Games Are a Great Way to Connect if Anything

The majority of people who are gamers meet people who become lifelong friends even if the entire connection is virtual. When you’re in the gaming mindset, you focus on your objectives for the time being and unwind.

When you join a Call of Duty lobby, you’re subject to talk to your teammates and opponents. There’s a competitive vibe that gets adrenaline pumping inside of you that makes you feel alive.

Sure, there are some people in online gaming that aren’t the most model citizens and may promote hatred across the platforms, but every once in a while, you get to meet some really cool people.

Video games bring people closer together more than dividing people apart. 

Final Thought

Violent video games can be the one thing that makes people less violent. It’s their way of feeling less aggressive and letting off some steam.

The gaming community is a very friendly one with a lot of cool people looking to have a fun experience. 

No matter what game you’re into, video games can be a useful tool to spend your time doing.

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