9 Ways to Get Fired Up Right Now

Jordan Mendiola

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Life is really bland with this Coronavirus thing, isn’t it? 

It takes a whole lot of the things we used to love doing away from us, but have no fear. 

Here’s my list of Pandemic-proof things you can do to get fired up and excited to live life.

1. Workout!

Fitness is one of the number one ways I get my day fired up. You can go for a run, do some quick sprints, or even hit the basketball court and miss every single shot. As long as you’re having fun and feeling like a kid again.

2. Talk to The Most Enthusiastic Person You Know

We all have that one person in our lives that’s really high energy and some may call it “a little crazy”. Nonetheless, we know they mean well and energize us. In my case, my girlfriend lifts my mood tremendously and gets a wave of energy going every time we talk!

3. Re-Watch Your Favorite Movie

My favorite movie is Wolf of Wall Street because it gets me pumped up and ready to take action. Not to scam people, but to go out there and get what’s mine. Everyone has a movie they could watch on a desert island over and over again. What’s yours?

4. Explore a New Town

Don’t you dare create an itinerary or plan your trip. I want you to be spontaneous and pick a neighboring town and walk through it without any idea about the things you’ll expect to see. Bring some money so you can try new food, or even buy something you like. Just expose yourself to as much new territory as possible!

5. Video Chat on Omegle

I know you’re thinking this is a bad idea because there are a lot of thirsty individuals on Omegle, but there are also a bunch of cool people who are down to have a conversation about random things. It may be refreshing for someone who’s been quarantined for a long time to reach out to new people. 

6. Re-Vamp Your Bedroom

The most intimate and personal space in your bedroom. Look around. Do you feel proud? Inspired? Dull? Depressed? Spice up your environment by tidying up and adding some new features like neon lights, decorations, or anything aesthetic from Pinterest.

7. Cook a Random Recipe

There are millions of random recipes on the internet. Go on google, pick one, shop for the ingredients, and make the dish! It may not taste the greatest, but it’s something out of your comfort zone and you may pick up good habits learning to cook too!

8. Blast Music in Your Car

I used to think anyone who blasted music in their car was trying to show off in some way or just be downright obnoxious. Then I bought a car. There’s never. a silent drive I go on now. It’s empowering to have your own little concerts in the car with your favorite songs being the theme song to your life. Let it out!

9. Give Your Pets Tons of Love

Animals give us lots of positivity and good feelings when we give them love. After all, they’re probably spending most of their days thinking about you or their next meal. Let it all out and give them huge hugs and kisses (except if it’s a fish). You’ll feel great.

Thank you for reading my quick list of things you can do to get fired up right now! We can find joy or excitement from the littlest things when we do them with enthusiasm. Whatever it is for you, have no shame and just do it!

There’s no need to hold back any emotions every day. Let it out in some way. I hope this made you smile. 

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