Top Stock Picks for February 2021

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Disclaimer: This is not professional financial advice, and you should take all of my stock picks with a grain of salt.

The markets have finally found their way to a steady rise. There’s been a lot of volatility, but with COVID numbers dropping and earnings season in full-effect, now is a great time to be playing the markets.

Let’s make some money with these top 5 stock picks!

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How January’s Stock Picks Performed

  1. A10 Networks Inc. (ATEN) — $10-$11
  2. Jumia Technologies (JMIA) — $46-$64
  3. Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT) — $14-$22
  4. ETF Series Solutons — U.S. Global Jets ETF (JETS) — $22-$23
  5. NIO Unlmited (NIO) — $47-$57

January’s picks all made a steady increase, but JMIA and RIOT definitely performed well. Congratulations to anyone who got in when I called them out!

February’s Stock Picks

  1. Skillz (SKLZ)
  2. ETFMG Alternative Harvest (MJ)
  3. Bionano Genomics (BNGO)
  4. Churchill Capital (CCIV)
  5. Microvision (MVIS)

I have diversified my stock picks and have selected stocks in the entertainment sector, the cannabis sector, the genomics sector, the electric vehicle sector, and the technology/AI sector. I hope you find this useful!

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1. Skillz (SKLZ) Finance

Skillz, Inc. engages in developing mobile gaming platforms that connects players in fair, fun and meaningful competition. It helps developers build multi-million dollar franchises by enabling social competition in their games.

I have been extremely bullish on this stock when it was in its early 20’s because the world of gaming has thrived during COVID, and now to add betting through playing eSport games is a new dimension that is set to thrive along with sports betting stocks. 

Skilz is finally catching the market’s attention, and this could be due to all of the other sports betting stocks like Penn and Draftkings running up nicely up to the superbowl. Either way, I’m very bullish on Skilz and will definitely keep an eye on its movement.

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2. ETFMG Alternative Harvest (MJ) Finance

MJ tracks a market-cap-weighted index of global firms engaged in the legal cultivation, production, marketing, or distribution of cannabis, cannabinoids, or tobacco products.

With high chances of Cannabis being legalized across America, this MJ ETF has very high hopes of performing well in the long term. 

Instead of choosing one or two Cannabis stocks, why not have several? It’s much easier to choose a broad range of MJ stocks all in one because as long as it becomes legalized, you don’t have to worry about being right or wrong about one particular company doing well. 

MJ holdings include the following: ETF holdings

3. Bionano Genomics (BNGO) Finance

Bionano Genomics, Inc. Common Stock, also called Bionano Genomics, is a life sciences instrumentation company, which focuses on genome analysis space. 

The firm engages in the development and marketing of the Saphyr system, a platform for ultra-sensitive and ultra-specific structural variation detection that enables researchers and clinicians to accelerate the search for new diagnostics and therapeutic targets and to streamline cytogenetics.

The genomics sector has been blowing up this year and with Ark Investments having a very strong Genomics portfolio, I wouldn’t be surprised if they add positions in BNGO to send this stock to the moon.

4. Churchill Capital (CCIV) Finance

Churchill Capital Corp. IV engages in the operation of a blank check firm. The firm was formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, capital stock exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, reorganization, or similar business combination with one or more businesses.

This is a SPAC play and will be merging into Lucid Motors in the near future. As long as the deal goes through, we could see it making a massive run. 

It will become Lucid Motors, an electric vehicle company that is operated by some former Tesla employees. If that’s not enough to get excited about, then I don’t know what is.

We all know by now that the hype around EV stocks is booming. All sorts of companies are coming out with plans to begin electric vehicle production, and Lucid Motors is one that’s definitely promising.

5. Microvision (MVIS) Finance

MicroVision, Inc. engages in the development of laser beam scanning technology. It offers its product under the PicoP brand. 

PicoP scanning technology has addressing the following market segments Interactive and non-interactive projected displays, 3D Perceptive LiDAR sensing for consumer electronics, Augmented/Mixed Reality (AR/MR) and 3D Perceptive LiDAR sensing for automotive active collision avoidance.

Microvision is at the forefront of two major technological innovations — Lidar and AR technology. This stock should easily hit $20 by the end of the year. It’s a long hold for sure. 

Technology isn’t stopping and MVIS was worth less than 25 cents a year ago. Anyone who bought in early is definitely being rewarded today. It’s still not too late before Microvion takes off and reaches newer highs. 

Final Thoughts

I hope the following stock picks appeal to you. They should bring in solid growth for you in the ensuing months as long as the market keeps doing its thing.

With earnings season more than halfway over, we’ve already seen a ton of success stories such as Netflix, Paypal, and Pinterest. It’s going to be interesting to see how the upcoming week goes! 

Remember, earnings is gambling. You should be prepared to see your options hit zero the following day. Playing earnings is never guaranteed, even if the company crushes earnings.

Most of my stock picks come from reading lots of articles, watching YouTube videos, and keeping an eye on what’s trending. Thank you all as always! I’m proud to say my stock picks receive up to about 1,000 views every month. 

Long-term, short-term, doesn’t matter. I am confident all these stocks will go up.

Take care, be safe, and good luck in the stock markets!

This is not professional financial advice, and you should take all of my stock picks with a grain of salt.

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