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Tips for Staying Hydrated While Running

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Your mouth is parched, your throat is as dry as the desert, and you’re considering calling it off early. You are experiencing dehydration.

Nobody wants to quit halfway through, but dehydration doesn’t discriminate.

Dehydration doesn’t care if you have a six-minute mile PR. It can stop you dead in your tracks.

According to Progenex, “while it varies from person to person, the typical recommendation is to consume about 4 ounces of fluids per mile.”

Especially in hot places like Texas, Arizona, or California, it’s especially important to be hydrated.

Reasons to drink water include:

  • Helps maintain the balance of body fluids
  • It lubricates the joints
  • It delivers oxygen throughout the body
  • It regulates body temperature
  • The airways need it
  • It boosts performance during exercise

Let’s go over some tips for staying hydrated on your future runs.

Hydrate Prior to Your Run

One of my strategies is to drink at least three 16 ounce bottles every day.

When it comes to running, you are better off hydrating at least a day before your run.

If you’re a morning runner, it’s a good idea to drink at least one or two glasses prior to heading out.

You’re going to feel much better than you would if you run without replenishing your body with nutrients.

In an article by NRV, “water is defined as an essential nutrient because it is required in amounts that exceed the body’s ability to produce it. All biochemical reactions occur in water.”

It fills the spaces in and between cells and helps form structures of large molecules such as protein and glycogen.”

Clearly, hydration is a more complex process than simply being thirsty.

Hydrate While on Your Run

As a Chicago-living man, I face days where the humidity sits at 60%, and my body can’t take it. The heat drains all my energy, forcing me to power through each and every run.

One fantastic way to combat the heat has been running with a water bottle. You can grab a light-weight water bottle that’s either 8 or 12 ounces.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just something to keep your H2O levels satisfied.

You may think that drinking water during a run is a bad idea. It may seem like a pain to have to carry. Or that perhaps you’ll drink too much and feel bloated.

From my personal experience, I take baby sips here and there when I can feel my breathing getting more labored.

The difference is drastic! When you’re not parched, you feel as good as you did when you started the run.

Many of the long-distance runners in my network love carrying a water bottle and not worrying about any water fountain stops along the way.

Don’t think of hydration as a burden, think of it as a necessity.

Be Sure to Hydrate Post-Run

Post-Run hydration is just as important as pre and during hydration.

You just busted your butt and pushed your body to do a physically demanding task. Ensuring that you drink after a run is equally as important as eating a good meal to replenish your body.

After a good workout, you don’t need to finish a 20-ounce gallon of water or anything massive like that.

Drink just enough to where your body is satisfied, no longer feel parched, and you say “ahhh.”

Over-hydrating is a possibility, so only drink as much as you feel necessary. Nothing more, nothing less.

Drink Up!

There is no happy hour for hydrating.

Realistically, every hour you should be replenishing the fluids you lose from sweating or natural human activities.

As long as you cover your bases on pre-run, during-run, and post-run, you’re going to thrive in the fitness world.

Maintaining levels of hydration that work for you are going to increase the longevity of your health so that you can continue empowering your body.

“As an athlete you’ve got to watch your hydration and your nutrition, and use the right kinds of fuel to help you perform your best.”
— Derrick Brooks

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