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If you’re experiencing temperatures above one-hundred degrees, the odds are that you either run early in the morning or late at night.

There have only been a few times when I choose to run mid-day when the heat and humidity exceeds one hundred degrees! Especially if I have a choice to go at a time of my choosing, I’ll pick night time without hesitation.

Waking up early in the morning to run before my schedule for the day requires me to lose some hours of sleep. Many of my fellow people in the running community are night owls as well, and by running at night, there are many benefits.

Here are three benefits I have discovered through running at night:

1. The Temperature is Much Cooler

If I can run at night when the temperature is twenty degrees cooler than the peak of the day, I’m ecstatic. Since running raises your core temperature during exercise, it’s much easier to become dehydrating and less-motivated.

Ideally, the best season to run is the spring because sometimes challenging yourself in the heat is a good thing.

At night, overall exercise is much higher in the evening because we have higher levels of a metabolite called ZMP, which is responsible for metabolic regulation.

Depending on where you live, you’ll be able to get a healthy dose of multiple temperatures that don’t stop you from running.

When you don’t have to spend so much time prepping for an incredibly hot exercise, you save more headspace to lead a motivated workout.

2. The Quality of Sleep is Much Better

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Most runners I’ve talked to reported that they’re able to sleep better when they run at night because it flows with their night routines.

As any Hygenic should do post-run, they shower and throw on a fresh pair of clothes. When your run is the last part of your day, you will likely feel more tired than you would if you run first thing in the morning.

The quality of sleep is better, especially since your body just completed a workout. Your body will recover and repair itself into the next day.

Night works better for many runners because aches and soreness don’t interfere with your tasks for the day — especially if you have to commute by foot or your job includes lots of manual labor.

If your sleep has been off from running in the morning or mid-day, night running could be just the thing you need to try.

3. You Burn off More Calories

When it comes to effective calorie burning, running at night does the trick. Assuming that you run in the late evenings, you ensure that your body burns off plenty of calories.

After a run, solid protein and healthy snacks at least an hour before bed will do the trick and treat your health nicely.

Burning calories before bed encourages the body to boost its metabolism and work for you. Imagine burning calories at night as passive income for calorie burning. You get to burn more calories in your sleep!

If you aren’t seeing the body results you want, running at night after dinner could be just the trick that’ll speed up your metabolism and produce results.

To recap, benefits to running at night include:

  • The temperature is much cooler
  • The quality of sleep is much better
  • You burn off calories from dinner.

Fitness is essential to many people in the world. It makes us feel better about ourselves and gives us a confidence boost in all aspects of life.

As long as you find your system and what works for you, that’s all that matters. Running at night is a strategy that works for me because “summer is coming” (Game of Thrones reference) and won’t always be the way I choose to exercise.

Learning to adapt to new situations is a critical skill to learn in life. We don’t want to put fitness on the backburner, otherwise, we won’t enjoy the pleasant rush from finishing a great run.

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