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They say that some of the wealthiest people are the ones with very rare skills. You can think of people like doctors, lawyers, and anesthesiologists.

According to EDU Me, “80% of people agreed learning new skills would make them more engaged.” Clearly if you are learning more, your engagement rises, and so will your paychecks.

In life, you don’t need to go to school for 8+ years just to generate more income. Instead, what you need to be doing is constantly learning. Try to learn something that interests you because you’ll be more focused, and you won’t mind spending more time on the tasks at hand.

In 2020, I’ve had several skills and activities that I learned.

  • Writing blogs (260 articles to date)
  • Creating video slideshows (two video slideshow tributes)
  • Learned how to play Dead by Daylight (Intense video game)
  • Started building credit (only 663 right now)

To be the best version of yourself, you can’t waste too much time doing things that don’t count. For instance, watching Netflix for hours on end will not make you any richer. It may make you more informed about certain things, but knowledge by itself is powerless.

Higher Paying Jobs Don’t Always Look at Degrees

In 2020, a college degree does not guarantee you a well-paying job. Education is great and all, but it puts many students into debt. They take years and years paying back loans while working at jobs they didn’t plan on working for.

According to USA Today, there are jobs that require little to no secondary education yet pay very well. The median annual wage for all jobs in the United States is $38,640. There are a handful of jobs that require only a high school diploma or an equivalent education that pay more than double that.

Also, a college degree is becoming so saturated these days, and businesses would prefer to take the applicant with actual raw experience doing the tasks and duties versus the simulated workbooks in the classes their colleges provided.

I am not a fan of school, and I’ve met many successful people who are thriving without it, living happy lives, debt-free. That’s motivational.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.

Learning Gives Us Purpose

Before I started learning how to do the skills and activities I listed above, I felt like life was meaningless and had no purpose on this earth.

Going five months without learning didn’t make me suicidal by any means, but I did feel like I didn’t matter much. I wasn’t contributing much to the world before I became the serial killer of learning.

When I was learning how to create a YouTube channel, I didn’t know what to do besides press record. Once I started editing the footage I had and published the video, my life changed. I realized I could be entertaining online and inspire so many people through my vlogs.

When you are making progress within something you’re learning, you build up confidence and instantly become more interesting than the rest.

Be vulnerable and take a leap of faith to learn.

Time Flies By When You Learn Continuously

When time flies, that means you’re having fun. Learning does not have to be done in school. I hated going to school growing up, so I’d much rather learn how to do things online or with personal mentors.

I didn’t need a college degree to earn my job as a social media manager and a spot on the sales team. I just kept grinding and learning what I had to do to get the job I wanted.

Likewise, when I’m figuring out how to trade options in the stock market or put a specific effect on my YouTube videos, I lose track of time and realize that I’d be doing my tasks for 8+ hours.

If time seems to be going slowly, you might not be doing enough things that are outside of your comfort zone. Do your best to seek discomfort because that’s where you discover more about yourself and what your life purpose is in life.

Some of the best things that happen in life often happen unexpectedly. Don’t stick to the script all the time. Be spontaneous and risky when it makes sense. You’ll generate more valuable skills that will help you land higher-paying jobs.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

The Takeaway

Learn a lot! And learn continuously. It’s going to pay dividends to you down the line. The moment you stop grinding is when you reach stagnation and stop leveling up. You don’t want to stop leveling up, do you?

Key points

1. Paying Jobs Don’t Always Look at Degrees

2. Learning Gives Us Purpose

3. Time Flies By When You Learn Continuously

Don’t be afraid to take risks! Study your ass off because the competition isn’t slowing down. There’s always going to be someone working as hard or even harder than you.

Think about how much you want to support yourself and your family. If you’re going to leave a legacy behind, continuously learn.

Knowledge is power, but it doesn’t always have to be done through an institutional school. You can read books, and please utilize the groundbreaking power of the Internet.

The world is yours. Learn something new today.

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