Do You Dislike Running on Treadmills Too?

Jordan Mendiola

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I love me some running, but on a treadmill? That’ll be my last resort.

No offense to any treadmill runners out there, but unless the weather is below zero, and there’s enough pollution outside to kill someone, I’m not going to run on one.

It’s not that they aren’t effective, because I’ve seen for many people they are convenient to have at home and you can watch movies and shows while you run. Those two factors sound very appealing and I’ve enjoyed them, but it’s not the same.

Running outside is old-fashioned and my favorite way to go about my cardiovascular exercise. There’s a handful of reasons why:

The Great Outdoors > Indoors

Since I’m a nature bug and an adventurer, I much rather prefer to go running outside. There are a ridiculous number of trails to choose from! There are so many unexplored towns and cities to tour on foot!

If I was afraid of bugs or felt like I was going to get kidnapped on a run, I probably wouldn’t feel so high on the great outdoors, but I’ll take my chances.

When I ran cross country, I was overjoyed by how many beautiful courses I got the chance to run throughout the midwest. Especially the races down by Lake Michigan and the ones that ran through forests. My competitions felt like the first 30 seconds in The Hunger Games.

If you’re considering running in nature or around your neighborhoods, I can vouch for how great the experience will be. You’ll meet tons of people, see lots of cool places, and enjoy the overall experience.

Running should be whatever makes you happy and if that’s indoors on a treadmill, that’s not my place to try and convince you otherwise.

A Natural Breeze > A Rotating Fan

Choosing a natural breeze over a fan is a crucial subject for me. I need that outdoor breeze and breath of fresh air! It’s so calming and refreshing to inhale fresh Oxygen that mother nature blessed us with.

When I worked out overseas, the temperature in the Middle East reached about 120 degrees, and I chose to run on a treadmill inside. Big oof. The air conditioning in the gym was down for the day, and all I had was a fan that did minimal work for me.

The very next day, I went outside in the same 120-degree weather and although the beaming sun went to work on my body, I felt so much better! It’s crazy how much more air you get running outside and catching that natural breeze.

It’s good to sweat in the sun, get that Vitamin D, and breathe easier with a natural breeze.

I very well could be irked from running on a treadmill again because of my rough experience, but I’ll stay open-minded for all the pro-treadmillers out there.

I Don’t Push Myself As Hard

When running on a treadmill, I notice that it’s tough to push yourself as hard as you possibly can. The reason being, you face the chance of taking a wrong step and falling hard and wiping out.

It’s an exaggeration, but still. If you want to run like your life depended on it and reach your max VO2 levels or your PR, you’re better off achieving this without a treadmill.

If you challenged me in a treadmill race, I’d probably lose. I’m a quick dude, but if a one-on-one race depended on an indoor or outdoor run, I’d take outdoor route any day.

Imagine seeing an open road ahead of you and a wall. Are you going to run full speed through the open road or full speed at a wall? Probably through the open road.

If you’ve seen the children’s movie, Madagascar then you are familiar with their mural painting of Africa on the wall. They would much rather run through actual Africa like they did in Madagascar 2 rather than daydreaming and facing a wall the entire time.

Not sure if that was a great analogy, but I’m going to stick to it.

Wherever you are from, you have scenery around you. There are people to be met outdoors and sunlight to be absorbed (sunscreen, of course).

I highly vouch for the great outdoors over treadmill running, but if you love treadmills and they make you a happy runner, that’s all that matters.

Key takeaways:

  • The great outdoors > indoors
  • Natural breeze > fans
  • Difficult to push yourself
We’re all runners who love doing one thing, running. Our passion is the most important thing no matter what surface it’s on.

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