Writing Everyday Helps You Achieve Your Full Potential

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Around this time one year ago, I wrote my first blog post. I found it difficult getting ideas together, and it felt like I was back in school writing an English paper.

I had no idea that writing every day would be something I commit to for a very long time. When you put your mind to something and follow through every single day, great things happen.

Since beginning my writing journey, I’ve noticed my life changed for the better.

Far Less Stress

As a professional overthinker, I easily get stressed and easily bombarded by my own thoughts.

Writing is the gateway to self-expression in a way that doesn’t require talking — something I can do for hours.

Writing is an intimate activity that is between you and the words you write down, nobody else. Sure, you can get some extra eyes on it or some ideas from someone else, but at the end of the day, it’s your baby.

This year alone, I’ve dealt with two deaths in my family, and I couldn’t have been able to heal without writing.

If you ever feel like the walls are closing in on you, writing can allow you to break free and do your own thing.

I’m a Better Communicator

Prior to writing, I was an extrovert who always had a million things to say firing off at 100 miles per hour. Thanks to writing, I feel more grounded and that I think before I speak.

I make sure that everything I say serves a purpose. There’s no reason saying something that has no meaning, otherwise it’s just noise.

When talking to someone, I visualize the words in my head forming my replies and constantly forming the best response. My friends and family have told me I seem a lot smarter and brighter.

It doesn’t take a limitless pill to be a better communicator. Writing makes you think slower and deeper. You gain more depth as a person because it requires you to slow down.

Inspiration is Everywhere

Everywhere I look, I gain a sense of inspiration because it’s something I can write about. The simplest things like nature or things in m bedroom make me think outside the box and form ideas.

Walks to the beach open up my eyes and my brain to new hemispheres my brain hadn’t traveled to before.

Writing allows you to appreciate the little things in life and realize that every moment is worth a thousand words (literally).

I don’t think of my daily experiences and interactions as trivial anymore. Now everything that happens in my life has a purpose and meaning. I look more into the nature of psychology, the reason things happen, and so much more.

I Have Developed a Wave of Followers

Developing a following and being somewhat of an influencer was my goal growing up. Through writing, I learned that my new goal is to help people in any way I can.

Everyone starts at zero followers, and the fact that I have worked my way up to a little over 1,000 followers makes me very proud and motivates me to keep going.

You begin to get attached to your readers and want to fulfill their goals to improve their lives and feel responsible for writing a new piece of content every day.

Daily writing gives me something to look forward to. It’s my mission to change the world and leave it better than I found it.

Since I can do that by writing, I understand the tremendous opportunity we all have.

Helped Me Develop Good Habits

Before writing, I played a lot of video games and watched endless amounts of YouTube videos.

Since I started writing, I started reading more books, learning from other writers, and seeking inspiration. To write requires you to have a clear mind and a sense of motivation.

Therefore, I started to work out more, explore nature, get better sleep, and prioritize my schedule. Only you are responsible for your own life, and since I began writing, I feel like I’m in charge.

Developing habits takes away all the excess time wasted thinking about what you need to do. I know everything I need to do with writing to get my mind right and get into a creative space.

Instead of talking about trivial things with friends, family, and my significant other, I’m discussing ideas, investing, and plans for the future.

You begin to feel your life getting better when you commit to writing.

What Does it Take to Write Daily?

Writing daily takes a lot of grit, determination, and commitment.

You won’t be able to experience all of the amazing benefits if you simply ponder the idea of doing it.

Have a lot of pens and paper handy — preferably a notebook you can scavenge from your closet somewhere. If you own a personal computer, great! You can pull up an empty page and begin writing.

Don’t give yourself any prompts or anything at all.

Simply write down whatever comes to mind and see where it takes you. That’s the beauty of writing outside of school. No one’s telling you what to do.

Life is full of blindsided and unexpected or unwanted events. We can begin to feel helpless and out of control.

Writing is where you can be in control.

Bottom Line

Unless you’re still in school, no one is ever forced to write anything.

It’s something that has to come from inside of you. There has to be a bit of curiosity to explore the unknown. There’s so much knowledge and so many thoughts in that big brain of yours.

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and see what comes from writing.

Everyone needs a creative outlet, and with writing, all you need is a pen and paper or your personal computer. There isn’t a whole lot of starting capital you need to write.

If there’s one thing you can take away from me, it’s that writing has the power to change your life, so write daily if you can.

Even if it’s just a few words, those words can make a giant difference in the way you think and how you live your life.

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