Listening to Podcasts Can Cure Loneliness

Jordan Mendiola

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Podcasts cure loneliness. Change my mind!

As a soldier in the Army, I spent lots of time with lots of people, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel lonely. I am nearly finished with my year-long deployment, and I wouldn’t have been able to get through it mentally without podcasts.

The power of someone talking almost directly to me made the experience feel very genuine. Something about the exclusivity of the conversations lures me in like a phenomenal writer online does with their words.

Joe Rogan is one of the most influential podcasters of our time and I am so happy he got the recognition he deserved with Spotify’s $100 million deal. He’s worth every penny.

A genuine connection through podcast listening can truly change your mindset, especially when your mindset is shitty.

David Dobrik’s “VIEWS” podcast keeps my fun side intact when I can’t be back home with my friends. Instead, I spend one hour with David and his friends, telling some of the craziest and most exciting stories.

Through David’s stories, I relive his special moments and find so much to relate to him. Relatability is what makes my life less lonely. People who get me. People who understand what lifts me up.

Although I no longer listen to them, “Tiny Meat Gang” used to be one of my favorite podcasts around. I was appealed by their great storytelling, hilarious inappropriateness, and overall funny sense of humor. Codyko and Noel Miller are a couple of my favorite YouTubers based on their reaction video series “that’s cringe”.

The funny thing about all three of my favorite podcasters is that each of them came from YouTube. I go to YouTube when I’m feeling curious, lost, and I need inspiration. It’s not easy to go a year without feeling some sort of deep connection.

Any time I felt down, I turned on a podcast and just let the power of storytelling pick me up.

Lucas Oakeley recently wrote about whether or not podcasts can cure loneliness and I am here to say yes, they can! I am a much happier person who looks forward to telling a joke or sharing a story or two from my podcast with my friends.

Thanks to podcasts, I’m much more woke with what’s going on in the world, and I feel more connected — not lonely at all.

To be honest, one of my biggest goals, when I return home to Chicago, is to post my first podcast episode. I’m not sure what I plan on talking about, but I know that I want to help people cure their loneliness — to give them an outlet for days they need some company.

There are hundreds of credible podcasts out there in existence and if you haven’t already found the one you resonate with already, I recommend you to do so because it’ll change everything.

Easy accessibility is one of the many benefits that turns me onto listening to podcasts. You can just pop your earbuds in and listen to them everywhere you go. People look at me sometimes and wonder why I’m cracking a smile or laughing my ass off.

I started thinking more for myself after listening to podcasts, especially Joe Rogan. He brings distinguished guests onto his show that really opens up my mind and inspire me to think differently.

Because of Joe Rogan’s background in fighting and MMA, I’ve been working with my buddy on deployment on boxing and kickboxing. It’s been such a spiritual and fitness journey for me, and that wouldn’t be possible without Joe.

Even though I’m new to the podcast hype, I feel like I’ve been listening forever. Thanks to the personal level of intimacy, I will be listening to them forever.

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