Why I Have The Most Amazing Girlfriend in the World

Jordan Mendiola


Roselyn and I 

A pandemic probably isn’t a time when you think you’ll meet the love of your life. It’s a time where meeting anyone new is a big risk, and we’re advised to keep our distance.

Tinder is not the place where you expect to find a significant other, let alone someone you call your soul mate.

Life is really crazy, and everything happens for a reason: the timing, the connection, the bond, the love — everything. 

Let me take you on a journey and a behind-the-scenes story of why I have the most amazing girlfriend in the world.

How We Met: We Matched on Tinder in 2018

Meeting online can be scary, given that you’ve never met the person in real life before. All that you know about them is through the pictures they share and the short little bio they attach. 

She stood out like any other girl that I matched with on the platform, and I was instantly intrigued by her stunning smile and natural beauty. 

We matched in 2018, and our first date never happened. It was too bad. 

Two years later, however, we both ended up getting on the platform at the same time. I scrolled back and messaged her to go out for a boba date to grab bubble tea. Little did I know, I would fall so freaking hard for her.

We Connect on So Many Different Levels

Everything from her beauty, her humor, her spontaneity, and her charismatic personality grabbed my attention. 

Similar Music Taste

I learned that we listen to music that’s only special to a tiny percentage of people — EDM artists such as San Holo and Kasbo. 

It’s crazy to think about all the times I listened to certain songs and felt like I was the only one listening. We ride the same wavelengths with music and plan on going to many more small raves in the car and attend amazing festivals in the future.

Sometimes, she’ll put on a song that I haven’t heard yet, but it’ll put me on cloud nine. 

I’m always in awe when one of us play a song, we look at each other, and both know all the lyrics and beat drops. It’s something I’ve never experienced with. Anybody. 

If there’s one song that sums up how I feel about Roselyn is “Everything Matters When It Comes To You” by San Holo. 

Similar Humor

You know when you make jokes that no one understands and you feel a little off? 

With my girlfriend, we have our “headass” moments and will take a simple concept and turn it into a long-lasting inside joke. 

I never thought that I’d ever had such a hilarious inside joke revolving around butter — I can’t tell you because it’s an inside joke. 

Similar Interests 

We both enjoy a variety of the same things to do. 

  • Listening to music and going to raves.
  • Writing articles for me and writing poetry for her.
  • Playing video games.
  • Watching quality shows on Netflix.
  • Traveling around the world — we both can’t wait until the Pandemic ends.
  • Both finding our passions and pursuing them.

That’s not even the end of the list — there’s so much potential for our connection to grow the more time we get to spend together.

We Have Experienced Similar Things

It’s pretty crazy to connect on so many levels in life with my girlfriend. It’s like we both lived slightly different lives, but the macro was very similar. 

Moving Around 

Both of us have experienced moving locations and changing schools. 

We know how disruptive it can be, but we both found ways to overcome and adapt to new situations. 

Being able to relate our experience brought us closer together to remind us that we’re not alone, and we’ve gone through similar struggles.

Withdrawing from School

Both of us withdrew from college because we weren’t feeling it and found ways to pursue careers without a degree. 

Not a lot of people are withdrawing from school. Instead, they’re continuing to go, accrue college debt, and are still struggling to find a job. 

It’s hard to balance a job and school, so we both bet on ourselves to choose a path many of our high school peers never did. 

Traveling the World

I haven’t met anyone who has traveled as much as I have worldwide until I met my girlfriend. 

She’s seen many places, and so have I, so our appreciation and acknowledgment for the world around us are higher than most. 

We appreciate how lucky a situation we’re in and the opportunities we do to live our best lives. 

We’re Both Madly in Love

I feel like Roselyn and I have known each other our entire lives. There are so much love and respect we have for one another. It’s exciting to think about how much potential our relationship has and the amazing things we’ll achieve.

I am incredibly grateful Roselyn exists and that we met at the time we did. We’re both around the same age, and we’re trying to build a life for ourselves. 

It’s reassuring to know that I can think about the future and envision her right. by my side. It’s reassuring to know that I don’t have to go it alone in the game of life, and I have my soul mate with me every step of the way.

She brings me back down to Earth when I get too stressed over the idea of being successful and reminds me of how I’m doing great. If I didn’t have her by my side, I’m not sure I would have such a positive outlook on life. 

I easily doubt myself and feel alone, but with Roselyn, she’s my light at the end of the dark tunnel. She’s my entire world. 


Everyone, your boy is madly in love and so grateful he found his soul mate. 

I met my girlfriend when I least expected it, and I couldn’t be happier. 

You can find love when you’re not looking for it. 

Just remember to keep your heart open, take a chance, and everything will fall into place. 

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