The Type of Music You Listen to Effects the Way You Think

Jordan Mendiola

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Music has a really interesting way of working for you. Roughly two weeks ago, I was operating a heavy piece of machinery with the Army and I noticed that I was in a frustrated, aggressive mood.

I had no idea why I felt this way. My mood was literally so happy just minutes before I began working!

Then it struck me. I had been listening to a playlist I found on Spotify called “Fuckin problems” I was listening to music that fueled a fire and made me want to hit a punching bag like Rocky or Creed.

What I did next was scroll through my personal Spotify playlist and selected one I call “Electric Family”.

This playlist consists of all my favorite EDM songs that I have grown to love over the past four years. This changed the flow of my entire day as I was upbeat and happy again.

A 2013 study in the journal of positive psychology found that people who listened to upbeat music could improve their moods and boost their happiness in just two weeks.


For me, electronic music also known as “EDM” takes me away to a land of happiness, friendship, and pure confidence. Its upbeat, positive energy sends waves of inspiration to me. This style of genre boosts my mood in just a couple of minutes. Oftentimes, I will reminisce back to the music festivals I’ve gone to and the fond memories that I created.


For the sake of a better term, I will say that I am “musically aware”. As with all types of consuming: food, media, and products…music is very similar. Musical awareness is when a person understands what type of music they allow into their head and how it can affect them.

In a press release, lead study author, Yuna Ferguson, noted that happiness has been linked to better health, higher income, and greater relationship satisfaction” (Healthline).

Music can work for you and be your medicine, or it can be your enemy if you allow it to.


For example, at times when I feel depressed, I will often soak my ears into some sad songs from my playlists “F E E L S” or “Sad Boi Hours”.

I try to acknowledge how I’m feeling for that day or night to just be sad. Rarely do I try and fake it till I make it because it can lead to lots of dissatisfaction.

My Pomeranian dog “Baby Girl” passed away last month and that hurt me deep down. During the time of her declining health, I listened to sad songs and towards the end of my grief from actually losing her, I felt at ease.

I felt at ease knowing that she lived a full life and we cherished her with love each and every day.


For those of you out there who are photographers, artists, or video makers, I highly encourage you to listen to EDM. Artists I highly recommend include Odesza, San Holo, and Marshmello.

Talk about getting into a flow. The beats, lyrics, and overall sound these artists emit push me to create. Music has been the key antidote for my YouTube, writing, and photography journey.

I hope for more people to explore their personality by taking tests like the Myers-Briggs test or the Enneagram test to better understand who they are.

The Enneagram allows you to find your personality type (between 1–9) and then listen to a playlist on Spotify pertaining to the number you match with the most.

If you feel like you’re in a rut, try to consider the music you are listening to and adjust fire if you feel like it isn’t inspiring you.

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in words. It speaks in emotion”. — Keith Richards

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