7 Money Moves 20 Year-Olds Should Make

Jordan Mendiola

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Money has so much power. This is what I’ve learned throughout my deployment. I have found through youtube videos about acquiring money and having it work for you.

Investing in yourself

Through reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, I have learned that the most important investment someone can make is in themselves. Don Lok also preaches the same idea. Reading various books and articles have been my go to strategies for expanding my knowledge during my free time.

Sports Betting

One way I’ve found an income is through sports betting on basketball games. This form of both entertainment and income has brought in $1,000 of profit and I continue to be careful and conservative.

Tax free deployment

Taxes back at home actually account for a lot of money when calculating one’s income. Finding ways to get paid while paying the lowest number of taxes is not impossible, but there are ways. One of them has been through my deployment. It’s all tax free when overseas! What an incredible opportunity. I love life right now.

Stock Market

Since I started my sports betting adventure, I have used my winnings to contribute into my portfolio. The stock market is volatile right now, but I believe that it will go buck up in a few weeks or months. I am down some money, but I’m learning lots of lessons.

Building good credit

Along with money moves, I have been learning a lot about what it takes to build good credit My battle buddy Gong has been really helpful in our talks about money. I can’t wait to get back home and work on my credit score.

Retirement Plan

Ever since the beginning of my deployment, I have been contributing to my Roth IRA and traditional retirement plan. I cannot wait to see how much my money grows by the time I’m 65 years old and approaching retirement. Not many people I know contribute to a 401k or retirement plans and I worry for them.

By no means am I a money expert, but what I am is a young 22-year old with the willingness to learn how money works. With the current financial situation I’ve been in thus far, I am enthused to find ways to keep doubling my money.


My expenses have been really low for the last six months. It’s been amazing. The reason is because the military covers shelter, food, and transportation. Whatever I want to buy is at my discretion. Since I haven’t had to pay for expenses such as gas, food, talls, or anything like that, my monthly expenses have been very low.

I have more money to invest than I have in my life before. It’s really exciting!

Positive music, working out, adequate sleep, and avoiding toxic people have been huge factors in helping me have a clear framework of my money situation.

Life is crazy. You take some chances and find yourself in some really beneficial situations!

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