Achieving a Flow State Will Set You Free

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Have you ever started a task and lost track of time? Were you shocked by how many hours you were working for? If so, then you have probably experienced “flow”. The definition of the word flow means to proceed continuously and smoothly. The smoothness of your workflow can p[ut you in a very harmonious state where everything clicks and problems are solved on the spot.

Why do we want to have a flow?

The reason achieving flow should be a goal is because this is a peak state in which you will be operating in. Distractions are off the table and [productivity is damn- near maxed out. Most people at the movie theaters want to watch in peace without babies crying or laser pointers being shined at the screen. Everytime their flow is broken from a small distraction, the escapist aspect of the movies is lost. The individual interrupted will have to refocus to get back in the zone. Basically anything that breaks one’s progression can be frustrating and that is why setting oneself up for success has more to do with it than forcing it.

How can we achieve flow?

We can achieve a state of flow by choosing the right environments for ourselves. Everyone has different needs when getting into a rhythm. Personally, I prefer editing my videos in my room, but I prefer typing up articles in public. For certain tasks I need my peace and quiet, whereas for others, I prefer a more lively setting. Once you find your setting that works best for you, stick to it and minimize potential distractions. You can turn off your notifications, utilize noise cancelling headphones, and have snacks and water handy.

Personal experience with flow

  • Have edited over 40 YouTube Videos
  • Ran 10 miles when the goal was only five
  • Read an entire book in one day (even though I don’t read books)
  • Prestiged the first day Modern Warfare 3 was released (I’m a nerd sometimes)
  • Played 30 laser tag matches in one day
  • Completed two seasons of the office in one day

Some of my achievements are noteworthy, while others are recreational achievements ;) At the end of the day, as long as your goals are aligned with what you do day=by-day, everything will flow the way it should!

“Keep your thoughts positive, and flow with life”

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