The Correlation Between Sports Betting and Options Trading

Jordan Mendiola

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Being an investor in the stock market will make you a better fantasy football player.

I began trading seriously when the Pandemic first broke out. I spent hundreds of hours researching companies and patterns down to every detail. My due diligence allows me to crush it in fantasy football.

Many people who invest are fantasy players. We enjoy the thrill. It’s a great resource for entertainment and making money if you understand how it works.

From the draft to the waiver wire, trading stocks is identically similar to choosing your players in fantasy football.

Both Require Patience

Nobody wants to make an irrational move unless they want to lose money on their investments. For that reason, almost everyone who plays is going to trust their gut and their research that they’re making moves either in the stock market or fantasy football that will benefit their portfolio or their team.

When you can trust your studying and due diligence, you set yourself up for success and that’s where there’s a huge similarity with both of these activities. If you can take your time to do all the research you can, you give yourself a greater chance at winning.

In fantasy football, you may draft a player, hold them for a little bit, and then drop them. One week after dropping them, they explode and go on an absolute rampage. This has happened to me in both fantasy and investing. For investing, I bought 30 shares of Royal Caribbean at $24 and sold at $32. That stock is now worth $64 today. If I were patient, I’d have doubled my investment by now. Patience is key.

Money Drivers

We all know that money is a huge driver that makes us think with our emotions. Sometimes it causes us to take bigger risks than we need to. A promise of a cash prize or reward at the end is something that sometimes clouds our rational thinking.

There’s a huge thrill when money is involved. In my stock portfolio, nothing feels better than purchasing shares in a company and it goes up in value. I feel incredibly smart. Like the universe is going in my favor. But when an investment I make goes down in value, I am more inclined to make an irrational decision and sell, resulting in a loss.

The extra effort people in fantasy football put in is very similar to those who invest in the stock market. That’s because no one wants to lose money. It becomes gambling if you don’t put double the due diligence down on something that is a money investment. Most of us are smart enough to know that it's serious when it comes to money and we’re going to make wise decisions.

Conversation Starters

There hasn’t been much going on in the world ever since the Pandemic started as far as entertainment goes. So when you have an outlet like the stock market and fantasy sports as an option, there might be nothing better to do than join the ride. So many people started investing ever since the Pandemic started. The same goes for sports betting and fantasy sports. We want a thrill in our lives.

Crazy things happen in football. Crazy things happen in the stock market. There are a lot of unforeseeable things such as COVID-19 for investors. And there’s a lot of game-winners and crucial injuries that happen in sports. These are both events that allow people to discuss it and have a real conversation. Both activities allow people to genuinely connect.

People come closer together when there’s something to talk about. On my Army deployment, prior to investing, we talked about going home and nothing too crazy. But once more of us became investors in Robinhood, we came closer than ever before. Everyone put their heads together and discussed stocks that could pop-off, and by the end of our deployment, most of us were up 50% of our initial investments. It definitely helps bring people closer together.

Final Thoughts

Whether you invest or you play fantasy, there are many be similarities between both.

Both require patience. Both are money drivers. Both are phenomenal conversation starters.

When it comes to entertainment, why not be an investor or a fantasy football player? Both of them could end up bringing you closer with other people as well as making your bank account a bit bigger!

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