3 Life Lessons Every Procrastinator Learns Eventually

Jordan Mendiola

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Ever since I’ve been deployed, I have felt overwhelmed with things on my plate.

The feeling of being overloaded (12-hour shifts every day) with things to do has made me put my personal goals to the side. Goals include writing 50 articles, editing three YouTube videos, and reading for one hour a day. I have pumped the brakes on my “passion projects” ever since my workload increased.

Being aware of my procrastination makes me want to focus up and get to work.

My goal of this deployment is to come back a motivated man who knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it. I want to achieve my many goals in life without the need to go to college.

In the traditional sense, I’m not much of a student because I dislike the school system and would rather go about life by making my own mistakes and linking up with the right people on my own.

I don’t mind making the decision to leave the classroom and the system of taking tests that determine my grade. I am more of a doer and experimenter that wants to study what I want and go all-in on it rather than taking classes just to check the box. This conversation is for another time, but it really is like that sometimes.

Back to procrastination, putting off the things I know I should be doing feels awful! At least for me it does. As long as I make the right choices, I’ll feel much better about myself, and you can too.

My current distraction and way of unwinding is playing Super Smash Bros with my guys from the unit. It is so addicting!

Most of my downtime is spent “smashing” or working out, but for the next few days, I’m going to do something that contributes to my goals before heading over to play for hours.

Whether the task is writing for 30 minutes or reading for an hour, I’m going to do it. These good habits should then allow me to not feel guilty about playing video games with my guys.

Hopefully, my personal experience with procrastination helps you to make the choices that help satisfy yourself!

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