Your Environment Makes or Breaks Your Creativity

Jordan Mendiola

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Have you ever heard of the phrase “you only get out what you put in”? This quote is the gist of the points I am trying to make. After being on deployment for five months, I can say I’ve been both good and bad about getting myself in the best environments. During my college years, I joined nearly every club the school offered and attended any and every event that I could. I made more friends than I could imagine and learned so much during my time in multiple environments.

Doing what is comfortable isn’t awful, but there is more out there my friends!

On the other end of the spectrum, I have been a little more closed off since I have been a little more closed off since deployment started. I catch myself hanging out with the guys I have been close to for many months and have only put myself out there a few times with complete strangers. Sometimes, I greet randoms, but most of the time I keep to myself which isn’t typical of me. The main crowd I have exposed myself to is the Super Smash Bros Crew who hosts tournaments every Tuesday consisting of 20 or more people. You can also catch me dabbling with the workout crew. Both of these are great communities to be a part of and all, but I’ve been holding out on events like Latin Night, Hip-Hop Night, Karaoke Night, Jiu-Jitsu Night, and Card Game night, There’s a lot of real estate around here on deployment to expand my horizons, I just need to take the leap!

If you catch yourself struggling to try something out, I challenge you to give it at least one try before saying no at all.

Regret. That’s a no-go.

I do not want to have any regrets so from here on out, I will be putting myself out there by at least trying each environment once and seeing what clicks. There are numerous ways that you can put yourself out there in your local communities! Starting with the web, there’s tons of inner communities on Facebook you can find. Also, going to any gym will lead you to a number of communities and events that may spark your interest. Are you a young entrepreneur who needs some quick cash? Try using NextDoor and finding people who may need help with some odd tasks! That’s how I’ve gotten closer to my community back at home. Let me tell you, it feels good to help out!

Your time is YOUR TIME. Spend it with intent.

The purpose of me sharing this isn’t to turn you into a “yes man” or “yes woman”. Instead, the purpose is to persuade you to try new groups and activities out! The best way to find out what you do and do not enjoy is to try everything you can. Please let me know how your journey goes!

Remember… “ The biggest mistake you could ever make is being too afraid to make one”.

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