10 Christmas Shopping Ideas for The Holiday Season

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Everyone’s scrambling to get their loved ones a gift for the holiday season!

If the people you’re looking to buy gifts for haven’t already told you what they want, then it can be very stressful to come up with gift ideas.

In this article, I will provide you with 10-holiday gift ideas with a small explanation of why they make such great gifts!

1. New Headphones

Everyone listens to music or uses headphones — especially during a Pandemic. It’s important to have high-quality devices that give you the best quality sound for entertainment or work purposes.

Good brands I recommend include Bose, Airpods, and Beats.

Expect to drop anywhere from $150-$350 on a good pair of headphones.

2. Flying Drone

At some point in our lives, we’ve seen a drone video online that made us think, wow, that would be awesome to fly someday! Now is a great time to get a good deal on a drone. Kids and young adults will find a lot of joy in owning a drone. I just hope they don’t crash it!

Good brands I recommend include DJI, Yuneec, or UVify.

Expect to drop anywhere from $150 to $400 for a high-flying, quality drone.

3. Stock in a Company

More than ever, people are making their way into the stock market. They are seeing the opportunity to make money through investing. Not everyone wants to take the time to risk their own money to own a stake in the company. Receiving a stock gift is exciting and will be a great way to get someone headed in the right direction.

Good stocks I recommend include Apple, Tesla, or a fraction of Amazon.

Expect to drop anywhere between $115 and $600 — any price you feel comfortable gifting.

4. Virtual Reality Set

The Pandemic traps us indoors and doesn’t call for seeing a lot of people at this time. A great way to unwind and discover an alternate world is through a VR Headset. It’s entertaining, fun, and quite an incredible experience.

Good VR sets I recommend include Oculus, HTC Vive, or Unity.

Expect to drop anywhere between $70 and $400 on a quality VR set.

5. Gaming Console

Gaming has taken a spike ever since life changed. Also, the winter season typically calls for more people staying indoors. To entertain ourselves, many people play videogames to unwind, have fun, and take a break from the stressors life has.

Good gaming consoles include the Sony PS5, Microsoft Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch.

Expect to drop anywhere between $250 and $600 on a brand new gaming system.

6. Smart Watch

Smartwatches are becoming a trendy fad that people are jumping in on. The fact that smartwatches make notifications and texting easier comes in handy for people who are always on-the-go.

Good Smartwatches include Apple Watch SE, Samsung, and Fitbit.

Expect to drop anywhere between $150 and $500 on a high-tech smartwatch.

7. Gift Cards

The convenience of gift cards isn’t like any other. Many people don’t like being given money, but a gift card is a whole other story. It’s convenient to know you have credit for a particular company or restaurant that doesn’t have to come out of your own bank account.

Good gift cards include Amazon, Starbucks, and, believe it or not, gas stations.

Expect to drop anywhere between $50 and $200 on a handy gift card.

8. Blender

Blenders are phenomenal for making smoothies or milkshakes in the easiest way possible. People love to drink them, and having the proper tool to make them will make that dream a reality.

Good blenders include Ninja, Nutribullet, and BlendJet.

Expect to drop anywhere between $60 and $160 for a powerful, efficient blender.

9. Coffee Maker

Coffee makes the world go around, and having your own personal maker is the most cost-effective and convenient way to do it (unless you really love your Starbucks or Dunkin’). No one will be upset with getting access to make their own coffee the way they like it.

Good coffee makers include Keurig, Ninja, and Hamilton Beach.

Expect to drop anywhere between $80 and $200 for a reliable coffee maker.

10. Your Time

Your time is the most precious thing people you love and care about could ever want. By investing time into developing a fulfilling relationship can change your life. Spend quality time with quality people, and that will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Good people to invest your time in include reliable, reciprocating, and loyal individuals.

Final Thought

Tis’ the season to give gifts and fulfill the dreams of those we love.

If money is tight and tangible gifts are unattainable, your time is more than enough. Show the people you care about how much you love them in any way possible.

Stay safe, stay warm, and have a splendid holiday season!

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