Benefits of Running with a Mask You Need to Know

Jordan Mendiola

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We all know that the virus is floating around in the air, but we have no idea who has it just from using the naked eye.

In addition to the virus, the weather is beginning to dip significantly. For instance, it was just 80 degrees in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, and now we’re back-and-forth between 40 and 50 degrees!

I’ve been running for nearly five years, and now is the perfect time to double-dip on the benefits of running with a mask!

For both reasons, I run with a face mask. Let me elaborate.

Masks Keep Everyone Safe

Running around my town, I come across tons of people.

People who are biking, running, walking, and getting to work. It’s only right that I wear my mask and keep all of my airflow to myself.

Especially being in a pandemic, some people are very on-edge about runners. Most runners I see don’t bring or wear any masks, but they should.

It gives everyone else more peace of mind, and they still get to have their workout.

Let’s all do our parts as runners to wear our masks (at least when we pass other people) because it’ll do everyone a favor.

Don’t Do This With Your Mask

The CDC recommends not wearing a mask during high-intensity activities, like running, if it causes breathing difficulty.
Sweat can also make the mask become wet, making it even more difficult to breathe through and could promote the growth of bacteria.

You should not wear the mask the entire duration of your run, but definitely when you’re passing other people.

You don’t want to have to deal with difficulty breathing or any bacteria growing on your mask from the sweat.

Use the mask for timing your encounters with other people, and everything will be just fine.

Masks are Great for Cold Weather

Personally, my lungs are on fire when I run in cold weather.

I feel so out of breath and often have to come to a stop for my lungs to regain their strength.

By running with a mask and having it handy allows me to combat the ongoing battle my lungs have to take on.

If you run somewhere that gets exceptionally cold, it may be time for you to invest in a workout mask so that you’re able to maintain your fitness and survive your runs.

Everyone should have one mask for going out in public and one mask for working out in public to lower the spread of germs.

The Main Points

Masks were annoying ever since the start of the pandemic, but I’ve grown to like wearing them.

Especially being a runner, I have been able to keep myself and other people safe.

Now that it’s getting cold, my mask will aid my lungs from breathing in all the cold air.

Run the way you’d like.

Masks will always be an available option.

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