The Simple Way to Defeat Procrastination

Jordan Mendiola

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No matter how many self-help books you read, no advice will help you as much as the one I’m about to share with you.

Just get started.

In the journey of my creative career, I’ve spent a lengthy amount of time procrastinating. Starting my YouTube channel took me two years. Starting a Medium blog brought me a couple of months. Posting on IGTV took five months.

Sitting around and hesitating on our goals does us no justice.

Time and time again, I surprise myself at how much I’m able to learn from starting.

Writing on Medium, for example, is not something everyone can start off getting curated on their first article.

However, with practice and writing articles, we grow at an insane rate.

After just one week of continually learning a new skill here and there is going to pay dividends in the long-run.

Just get started.

Don’t Worry about Judgment.

One of the most crippling aspects of getting started on a project is the fear of judgment of others.

Their opinions don’t matter.

The fact that you can utilize the internet to share your content on your terms is incredible.

People all over the world dream of one day of being an influencer. You cannot become an influencer if you doubt yourself.

Understanding that not everyone is going to agree with our points of view is like letting a bird out of its cage to roam free.

No matter how hard we try to cater to the world by being as inclusive, self-aware, and conscientious as possible — someone will critique us.

Just get started.

Regret is Scary

Gary Vaynerchuk preaches how scary regret can be. He recommends that we go to a retirement home and have a conversation with an older person.

When we talk about life and begin reflecting, we’ll hear a lot more about what they wish they did versus what they did.

Seeing regret in an older person who’s at the end of their life, slower, and can’t operate as they used to is painful.

Some twenty-year-olds feel like they need to have their entire lives figured out and are stagnate because they’re overthinking.

We never know when our last day is going to be.

If you want to make Tik Toks, make Tik Toks. The world is yours.

Instead of judging ourselves on how awkward we might feel stepping out of our comfort zones, we should focus on encouraging ourselves and others.

The flare burning inside of you to get started on one of your passion projects will slowly fade away if you keep letting time pass.

By the time you no longer want to commit your time to your goal, you have a 95% chance of not ever doing it.

Just get started.

In a noisy world telling us what we should and shouldn’t do, the only person’s opinion that matters is you.

“Never regret anything because, at one point, it was exactly what you wanted.”

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