Running in the Winter — Dealing with the Cold, Ice, and Snow

Jordan Mendiola

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The winter season is known for killing millions of running careers every single year.

Growing up in Chicago, I’ve experienced some of the worst winter seasons similar to Antarctica.

Dealing with the winter can be very unmotivating since numerous challenges come with it.

3 Big Issues That Arise for Winter Runs

Take each of these winter-running issues seriously so that you can prevent injuries and damaging your body as little as possible.

1. Spike in Temperature

You have to overcome and adapt to the drop in your body’s temperature. Breathing is labored while a shirt and shorts don’t suffice.

2. Snow Everywhere

We can all relate to running in the snowy season. It’s slippery out, your feet get soaked from it melting, and it’s more dangerous in general.

3. Ice and Black Ice

It’s important to be wary of regular ice and black ice, especially. It’s everywhere when it rains before snowing, which can lead to nasty slips and falls.

3 Solutions to Beat Winter’s Obstacles

Some runners give up running in the winter, but that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

1. Dress Extra Warm

Quarter zips jackets, sweatpants, and beanies are essential to running in the winter. It’s advisable not to wear gloves so that your body has somewhere to exert the heat it produces.

2. Run on a Treadmill

It may be a bit of a copout from avoiding the winter, but treadmills are incredibly useful. If you have one or access to a gym that’s open, you’re in luck.

3. Run on Trails

Sidewalks can cause you to trip, fall, and get injured. Choose a trail you enjoy running on because you’re more likely to have traction and avoid getting hurt. Stick to rocky or dirt trails for the highest degree of safety.

Final Thoughts

Running in the winter is an enchanting experience. The snow on the trees and ground takes us back to nostalgic memories of playing in the snow as kids.

  • The 3 biggest issues include the spike in temperature, snow everywhere seeping into our shoes, and black ice causing trips and falls.
  • The 3 biggest solutions include dressing extra-warm, running on a treadmill, and sticking to rocky or dirt trails.

It doesn’t have to be a burden if we do what it takes to protect our bodies.

Winter is only temporary, and we won’t let it take running away from us.

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