5 Health Hacks That Will Benefit Your Lifestyle

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Every day can’t be taken for granted. The odds of us even existing are so slim that we have even better odds of winning the lottery.

Maintaining mindfulness means being able to be in tune with your thoughts. You’re able to experience fulfillment. Mindfulness makes you more conscious and aware of your body, your thoughts, and your goals.

Ever since I started doing these five things, my life has gotten dramatically better and I get excited about waking up every day. I love life, and hopefully, you can too after getting to know these five health hacks.

1. Walk When You’re Stressed

When I feel incredibly stressed out, I put on some walking clothes and go outside. No matter where I am, I walk around until my blood stops boiling. My parents told me my dog passed away, and I walked three miles. I heard that one of my friends passed away, so I walked five miles. Anytime something big or small comes up, I take time out of my day to walk it off. My thoughts typically clear up after a good walk.

Achieving 10,000 steps a day is a pretty big goal, but it’s maintainable if you stay committed. Although I’m from Chicago and we get a ton of snow in the wintertime, I still plan on hitting my 10k. The malls are perfect for getting steps in and being easily entertained with stores and people watching.

New sceneries definitely help add some spice to your steps. Go walk through a nearby local town or city. Sticking to the same place you’ve known your whole life can get repetitive. Seek discomfort. Grab a friend and go explore new places. It just might be the inspiration and spontaneity you’re looking for.

2. Make Homemade Smoothies

A phenomenal morning snack or meal replacement is smoothies. Not the six-dollar ones from Jamba Juice. I’m talking about the ones you can make right from home. If you’ve got a blender, all you need to do is throw some fruits in, ice, sugar, and milk, then you’re set! I typically like putting a banana, 5 strawberries, one teaspoon of sugar, four ice cubes, and about 3/4 milk. It’s an incredibly simple drink to make and gives me so much energy!

Smoothies are quick and easy to make. All you have to do is buy your ingredients in bulk from your local grocery store once, and you’re set for the week! Depending on your preference, you can choose anything you decide to put in. My brother puts in peanut butter in his, one of my friends puts vegetables in his, and I like adding sugar. Experiment as much as you want.

Smoothies are healthier for the mind and body when compared to drinking soda or coffee. Nothing is wrong with soda or coffee, but it’s not going to be as nutritious as a smoothie. I probably make between 2–3 smoothies a week depending on my schedule and it’s been incredibly beneficial for me getting things done.

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3. Use a 40-Ounce Water Bottle

For nearly a year now, I’ve used a 40-ounce water bottle and it’s changed my life. Drinking water used to be such a chore with plastic bottles (bad I know) because you had to keep buying them, and refrigerate them. Now, I have my big bottle that’s incredibly convenient to take anywhere. Plus, I never leave home unless it’s filled to the brim. Hydrate or die-drate.

A bottle with double-wall insulation works the best. You can throw ice cubes into the bottle and it will maintain its cold temperature throughout the entire day. The same thing applies if you want to put tea or something warm inside of it. But since we’re on the topic of hydrating, you can stick to water.

When I’m hydrated, my thoughts are clear. I feel good about myself and my senses are heightened. If you’ve ever been parched in need of water, then you know how bad it feels. Invest in a quality water bottle that you’ll take everywhere and it’ll help you get the nutrients you need and proper hydration to feel great about life!

4. Blue-Light Glasses

According to Prevent Blindness, almost all visible blue light passes through the cornea and lens and reaches the retina. This light may affect vision and could prematurely age the eyes. Since most of the work I do is “Work-from-Home” I invested in blue light glasses. They look like regular reading glasses, but they benefit you when you’re looking at a screen.

Since all of my work is remotely on my computer, these have saved my eyes from burning up. Having a healthy vision is incredibly important if you want to be mindful. It’s hard to be mindful if your eyes hurt because it leads to headaches and migraines, which are huge setbacks.

One great benefit to blue-light glasses is that they’re stylish and inexpensive. I bought mine off Amazon for only $20 and they’ve lasted me an entire year. Still no issues! It’s great to invest in something that’s affordable but has awesome health benefits as well.

5. Own a Dog

This last one might surprise you but it’s so true! I’ve owned dogs my entire life and they’re worth the investment. There’s nothing better than coming home to my dog who’s so excited to see me and shower me with love. Dogs are loyal and they’ll be there for you when you need them most. Feeling lonely is something we go through in life. “Baby Girl”, my Pomeranian who passed away recently could always tell when I was sad. She comforted me and just sat in my arms when I needed the company. She saved my life.

Dogs have needs like going out for walks and feeling loved. They’re very similar to humans. One of the greatest forms of exercise in my entire life has been taking my dogs for walks — sometimes even runs. If you’ve got a burning desire to boost your mindset, fitness is a great way to get there. A dog will hold you accountable in letting them out, taking them new places, and being their best friend. They’re amazing.

If you’re feeling lonely, you can’t be mindful. It’s hard to achieve the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs if you don’t feel loved or any sense of belongingness. A dog will help you get there. Even if you’re allergic, invest in a dog. You absolutely will not regret getting one!

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Maintaining mindfulness is an assortment of everything that goes on in your life. If you’re able to pick out a few of these strategies and apply them, you’ll take giant leaps towards living a happier life.

  • Go for a walk in a new place you’ve never been to when you’re stressed
  • Try to make homemade smoothies as an energy boost or a tasty treat
  • Use a 40-ounce double insulated water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Wear blue light glasses when looking at screens to save your vision
  • Adopt a dog from a shelter to become your new best friend

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