The Value in Writing Every Single Day

Jordan Mendiola

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On a cold Chicago night, I lay back in my bed with the pillows propped up so I can see my phone. I open up YouTube and discover Gary Vaynerchuk. He tells me that I need to be creating content at a much higher volume than I currently am.

With writing every single day, I am able to market myself and my brand in a way that my work can stand on its own. Same as when I create YouTube videos.

It’s not like I hadn’t created content before. I had an active Instagram and YouTube channel running so I was definitely putting out something. But I was not getting the results that I wanted.

Goals I have in writing

  • To save one life
  • Helping people is an incredible high
  • Writing is therapy and uncovers the unconscious

What really made me open my eyes big and wide was when he said “not everyone is good in front of a camera”. I felt decent in front of it, but knew there were more ways to go about sharing with the world.

“Some of you were meant to be writers or do voice with podcasts. If you are not creating content, you are missing out on a whole lot of real estate” Gary says.

Hunching up in my bed, I thought to myself. I have never been a huge fan of reading or writing papers. However, I told myself that I would write at least one article.

Give It a Chance

The one article I wrote had a couple views. It was about when I went to Hawaii for my 21st birthday and did not meet an awesome girl.

Here I stand six months after my first article with a ten day streak of writing articles.

It makes me so happy to see the stats and know that my writing is able to help people across the globe.

I really enjoy helping people. It doesn’t come at my expense either. But it does make me feel greedy because I get such a high from helping people I am addicted.

You Could Save Someone’s Life

My mission is to save at least one life. If I can help someone going through a tough time, and get through it to succeed, it will all be worth it.

The internet has so many awesome writers from different backgrounds and they all have quite a few incredible stories they can share with the rest of us.

Writing is an outlet for someone to relieve stress and unwind any thoughts going on in their head. I don’t call it journaling when people ask about my blog. I tell them I write whatever is on my mind with no particular niche. I am still figuring that part out.

Writing every single day is therapy. It is much like letting a bird out of its cage to go for a quick flight.

Not one day passes where I feel like this is a chore. I started getting more involved with the writing community through commenting and they are some of the most caring people I think I’ve ever met on the internet.

When I write, I feel as though my subconscious is exposed and it reveals what is on my mind and makes sense of it.

Go for it Because Anything is Possible

One day I hope to write for startup businesses to document the journey of coming up from just an idea. Each day will be a journey where there are ups, downs, and lots of figuring outs. I feel like it is equally important to document the successes as well as failures. It shows that we are all human.

I have considered starting a newsletter list. I’ll have to subscribe to at least a few to see what may be worth my readers’ times and what is not. Everything is an experiment!

Big takeaways

  • The goal is to save one life
  • Helping people is an incredible high
  • Writing is therapy and uncovers the unconscious

Thank you all for reading my work! Even if just one person reads my work, I hope they know I put my best effort in to keep it friendly like a casual conversation. You guys are the reason I write everyday. I’ll be back with more tomorrow and the next!

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